Maybe this video will finally convince people what I have been saying for years, which is that pizza is art and it should hang in a museum. Support the local arts scene! Buy more Domino’s pizza! (Via TheWorldsBestEver.)

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  1. I love ideas like this. I once imagined a red tracer line keeping track of everyplace I’ve ever been, kind of like the red line travel map graphic from the Indiana Jones films. I don’t know if it’s art. Feels more like an infographic.

  2. Next time I order pizza, if it isn’t delivered by a man on a bicycle I’ll demand my money back.

  3. Yet they won’t let me bring a pizza into an art museum, something about it destroying the paintings, those paintings have been here for 200 years, plus they’re probably hungry

  4. Beautiful, beautiful art.

  5. i guess domino’s must not take online orders from central park.

  6. It’s Sim City come to life. Finally I can die.

  7. This is much better than Tron.

  8. I hope the UK isn’t making fun of us. :(

  9. WAIT this many people order dominos in NYC??? THERE ARE SO MANY BETTER PIZZA OPTIONS.

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