We’ve got a lot of Dan Harmon and Community news to round up this morning so let’s get to it! First off, Community won an award for Best Comedy at the second annual Critics Choice Awards. Congratulations to everyone involved! Joel McHale was joined by fellow cast-members and a producer or something to accept the award, I don’t know, I wasn’t there, but it is reported that he thanked Dan Harmon for creating the show and was greeted with a round of applause. But Dan Harmon wasn’t there! He later tweeted:

“Congrats, Community, and thank you, critics. Sorry I was unable to have been invited!”

Is this true? Was he SNUBBED? We will apply to journalism school, become journalists, pay our dues at some small town newspaper in Rhode Island or something until the paper gets shut down and turned into a local listings website, and then do some original reporting on this story to find out whether or not Dan Harmon was SNUBBED and then we will continue to follow this important story! Meanwhile, Community and something and Family Guy and stuff and the Emmys? AHHHHHHHHHH:

I guess Community writers are eligible to win Emmys for their work in “animation” because of that one videogame episode, and this is the second year in a row that they’ve been eligible to win an award for “animation” (although I am not sure which genre-bending episode made them eligible in the past, but this is yet another SCOOP that we are going to sniff out once we become Real Gonzo Journalists) but this has made the writers of actual animated series upset because writers of actual animated series are not allowed to have their work recognized in the traditional writing categories (Best Comedy definitely comes to mind) and so they have written a letter to the Television Academy. Here is an excerpt:

Imagine our surprise when this year we see “Community” once again eligible for comedy series, writing, animated program, and short-form animated program. This letter is in no way intended to be a slight on the terrific show “Community” but a request from us to enjoy the very same rights they now do. Clearly the Academy’s ban on submitting in multiple categories is being enforced in an arbitrary and unfair manner. We therefore request that we also be able to submit our programs for both animation and comedy series as well as in the writing category.

There’s that word rights again! Apparently this is is a whole thing? Our apologies to Seth MacFarlane whose life it turns out IS the hardest. ANYWAY, the TV Academy has already responded with a very dry and annoying response that you can go read at one of the links up there if you want to but it’s pretty standard Academy GARBAGE. You know how the Academy is. They’re like “arts this and sciences that.”

And there you go, that’s all your Dan Harmon and Community news this morning. Check back in every 45 minutes for more breaking Dan Harmon and Community news!

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  1. He’s such a Cassandra.

  2. I probably wouldn’t invite Dan Harmon anywhere, either.

  3. “How dare you let others be eligible for these meaningless awards which I definitely do not care about at all, but still want more than anything in this world.” – Idiots

    • Hey, fair’s fair. Yeah, it’s just Hollywoodland awards, but there still has to be order (I guess)!

      Animation not being allowed to submit for other categories, but all other forms of shows can submit for animation if they did one animated episode is unfair. Animation is a medium. Not a genre. (Although on one hand you can extrapolate that the animation category is the awards way of saying, “look, this is where you guys have a chance of winning something, because we’ll never recognize you against real people shows because we buy into that whole ‘cartoons are not to be taken seriously ever’ groupthink.”)

  4. Oh boo hoo, animators, you didn’t get a trophy for your work that is watched and appreciated on a national level that most artists can only dream of?

  5. I heard they sent then invites out on combs this year, so Dan probably just didn’t notice.

  6. How is Alison Brie doing with all of this news? Please answer in the form of a gif.

  7. Does anyone else think that after Dan Harmon, Kurt Sutter, and this Shonda Rhimes nonsense, maybe showrunners should be banned from Twitter for their own good? Don’t get me wrong, twitter is pretty much the first amendment in action, which i’m seriously in favor of and showrunners have every right to say stuff on twitter, but I just mean from a management/PR standpoint…maybe creative people like that should not be given an open mic (other than the shows they oversee). Seth McFamilyGuy is a good example of showrunners being able to shoot themselves in the foot enough just in interviews (same with Amy Sherman-Palladino’s response to Shonda Rhimes).

  8. I actually do have a degree in journalism and I can tell you that it was Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas. That was the other animated episode. You’re welcome.

  9. Getting indignant on Dan Harmon’s behalf is the new being mad about Girls.

  10. I gotta be honest, I agree with the animators. For whatever reason, the Academy of Emmy Sciences doesn’t want to include them in the consideration for best comedy? Okay, well that’s weird right off… They aren’t some other strange thing like a sketch show or a late night variety hour. So now there’s a special category where animated shows are to be judged side by side (because they can only be compared with each other, and not shows whose actors read the lines are are filmed [despite the fact that "animated" is really the flimsiest connector I can think of. Seriously what two animated shows are even really comparable?]) and so there was a single episode where a real show made a 20 minute animated gif and it’s thrown in? So South Park, which did half an episode as a live action show should be up for Best Comedy instead of best animated comedy?

    Really, I just hate arbitrary decisions. I don’t care about the awards. I will never once think that a show that wins an Emmy is inherently good. But if I were inside the system I would be frustrated by all the arbitrariness! >:o Strike the category of Best Animated Show or honor it!

    • Heh I started to wonder what a live action Family Guy would look like, and it kind of feels like it would look a lot like 30Rock! A bunch of story threads VERY loosely connected, with constant cut-aways to demonstrate some weird thing someone said. The tone would be different, but the style… Very similar!

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