We are definitely all up in summer’s guts at this point. Summer doesn’t even start for a few more days as far as ZEUS is concerned, but if the Internet is any indication, everyone’s lying on the floor with a damp dishrag plastered to their forehead. Ain’t nothing going on! What do you guys want to talk about? I just read the whole New Yorker profile of Ben Stiller from this week’s issue hoping there would be something to spark a conversation, but while it does a pretty good job of describing the conflict an international movie star might feel between his market-proven appeal and his darker artistic ambitions, the article totally fails to convey the wished-for sense of Ben Stiller’s life as some kind of “tortured artist” thing. I think he’s doing pretty well, Tad Friend. Like, really really well. So that’s a no go. And now it’s only Monday and we’re already dipping into this week’s Petting Zoo because the cuteness of this baby duck just don’t quit? Don’t leave me here alone! Where are you going, let’s hang out here for awhile! This girl knows what I’m talking about:

If that’s all there is to the summer Internet, then let’s keep BLOGGING!

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  1. That duck video quacked me up! Right?



    Oy, vey. This is going to be a looooooooooong summer.

  2. I had to freeze frame at :39. The cutest. I was a little scared he was going to accidentally step on that duck though. Yea Summer!

  3. It’s enough.

  4. Great. Now I want a duck.

  5. gabe, if you’re going to regularly post links to New Yorker articles d’ya mind sharing your password?

  6. There is an eagle that lives near me, and every time I see it I think of superglue. MLIVG

  7. The internet has ruined me with its bounty. I watched the duck, I loved the duck, and now I have forgotten the duck.

  8. I’m probably overreacting here, but did anyone feel sorry for the poor duckling? Your legs are big, human! His/hers are tiny! You don’t need to run to make the duckling look cute!.

  9. This really does mean there won’t be any True Blood recaps. That’s it. I’m cancelling summer. Sorry guys.

  10. I KNOW this isn’t the THREAD FOR THIS, BUT I just saw that GLENN BECK video and, MAN, FUCK THAT guy.

  11. Someone get that duck some Chocobo Racing music STAT.

  12. Was anybody else put out like I was with yesterday’s internet articles regarding Rodney King’s passing because every article had his face juxtaposed against an eerie backyard swimming pool? I found it kind of gauche.

    Poor Rodney King. RIP. He’s in heaven now, making sure everyone’s getting along.

  13. My summer is gearing up to be great, thanks for asking! I have a bunch of interviews this week for AWESOME jobs, I’m going camping and hiking along the east coast for two weeks in July, I have some long weekend portage trips planned, I’m taking sailing lessons in August, I have my apt all to myself, and I’m single for the first time in A HUNDRED YEARS I’m pretty sure, so I’m going to make out with all the young men in Montreal! Also, as I’m nearing 30 I’ve stopped caring about being hip so have just been listening to the shitty country music that I secretly (not so secretly anymore!) love and have decided maybe I want to have my birthday party at Medieval Times this year? I can get drunk and yell at knights in a princess hat. Yes fucking please.

  14. If fuzzy baby ducks are all there is to this summer, I’d say we’re in for the best summer ever.

  15. btw, this is not fair at all for nothing to be going on today. My work’s network has been down since I got back from lunch, and the only thing working is internet and my email. I can’t work on anything and there’s nothing going on!

  16. Two people are having a heated debate about Islam in the YouTube comments section for this video.

    If an adorable duckling can’t bring us together, what can?

  17. It’s always nice to surf on the videogum at work but my co-workers fail to see how a cute duck and boobs (by the way, whose celibrity these boobs are?) may improve my work (while it’s obvious that they do)

  18. I’ve been working from home for the last 6 months, and increasingly I feel like the duck in this video when my wife comes home. Like, I haven’t had enough contact with other animals, and so I chase them around just to make sure they don’t abandon me.

  19. Know what’s cutest about this video? It’s not the fuzziness (although that is very cute). It’s the flappy (flappy?) noise the duck’s feet make when they hit the ground. Good job, Flappy the Duck! Very cute.

  20. Ducks are so hot right now

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