Glenn Beck, vlogger, spoke this past weekend at the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference in Washington, D.C. where he tackled one of the main subjects threatening our nation’s ability to get into Heaven with a clean bill of Christian hatred and intolerance: Glee. FIIIINAALLLLLLLLYY! How long must we continue living in a world where, on a TV show set in a public high school, there is a gay person, a person in a wheel chair, MULTIPLE BLACK PEOPLE, and I think a young girl who got pregnant by accident, and not one of them is shown getting locked in the shame basement by their ministers so they can learn their lessons? Shame on you, Obama. Pushing your doctrine of young girls getting pregnant by the few remaining — probably black and disabled — non-gays, while singing catchy hit tunes. IN OUR LIVING ROOMS? C’MON OBAMA. “This is the world we’re supposed to raise our children in?” you’re probably asking. Well, no! Not if Glenn Beck and his fool-proof right on time Glee idea except with conservative music, but, like, conservative music that is soooooo good so you don’t even notice it’s conservative, has anything to do with it! Take it away, Glenn!


  • You’re So Gay, You Probably Think This Show Is About Being Intolerant Of You, And It Is
  • Just A Normal Teen In NORMAL America
  • “Who You Think You Are Is Just God’s Way Of Testing You” By A Beyonce Impersonator, And Other Conservative I MEAN POP Hits
  • Hey Guys, Get A Load Of This!
  • White Glee

Omg such a good idea, no one can wait. (Via Dangerous Minds.)

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  1. Rapture.

  2. Tim McVeigh Variety Hour

  3. “I call it my Oedipus Project because I don’t really think these metaphors through.”

  4. ‘Beck told BuzzFeed in a recent interview. ““The conservative movement needs a Dick Clark, and I hope to fill some of that vacuum.”’

    Glenn Beck: reaching out to the youth of America, circa 1954

  5. “Finally!” — America’s Log-Cabin Republicans

  6. The Abortion’s Rad – PSYCHE! Just Kiddin’ show

  7. wow…nice evil laugh and hand rub there GB

    • Luckily 30 Rock already did an episode about Conservatives tricking Liberals so we could all be prepared for GB’s evil plan…everyone get ready to fight wearing your favorite shorteralls!

  8. “Wally, you quit that whistling. I won’t tolerate any of that nonsense in this house. Singing is for church.”

  9. This is going to be just like in high school when my churchiest friends swore, SWORE to me that Petra was every bit as good as Van Halen, Rush, U2, and Ozzy, so I didn’t need any of those bands.

    • It’s so true…any art where the messages are it is superior to all other art (and hence you don’t need other art), will sway your opinion to the “rightness” of a message, and is trying to be subversive is called “propaganda”.

    • I went through a God Rock phase. It was not a great phase.

      • True story, my youth minister in high school used to be a promoter for Stryper. He quit when they started doing drugs because the message clearly was not meeting the practice. He then worked for the Ramones, and said “at least they were honest about it.” He was and is a really cool dude.

  10. Glenn Beck must really be jonesing for a chalk board if he’s getting his fix from Glee.

  11. Fight Club for Jesus; or just Military Appreciation

  12. hahaha oh glenn beck, you still think you’re relevant

  13. Gleenn Beck

    • I really hope Glen Beck does cheesey rap versions of songs alla Matthew Morrison…here’s what I’m invisioning will be his first song:

      Said my friends don’t dance,
      we just pull up our pants and,
      Do the GOP-away.
      Now Gleen Beck, Gleen Beck, Gleen Beck, Gleen Beck.
      I said my friends don’t dance,
      See we just pull up our pants and,
      Do the GOP–away.
      Now Gleen Beck, Gleen Beck, Gleen Beck, Gleen Beck.

  14. Well I just ate my cyanide tooth. FAREWELL EVERYONE

  15. It always startles me when I hear conservatives talk about pop culture like it has been devised to impart political lessons. That is so not really what TV and books and movies and songs are about. They are mainly trying to be entertaining, and actors and writers also want to come up with surprising, interesting characters and find some kind of truth about people. That’s it.

    However, they do tend to share a set of “liberal” assumptions (e.g., gay people are okay) which are not so much adopted because that’s politics but because the writers and actors are creative types, meaning they are instinctively drawn to new ideas and to gray areas — to nuance, which is not the stuff of politics. Meanwhile (there have been studies–really) conservatives are by instinct drawn to Authority and Tradition, which prefer to render the world in black and white. And because the conservative mind is almost by definition opposed to new ideas, they don’t understand that pop culture is produced by minds which function very differently. They think it must be produced by minds which function the same–just opposite. As in, “I believe A, B, and C and I want to make a show exemplifying these ideas for the American people” (conservative mind) versus “Wow, wouldn’t it be fun if we had a lot of singing? And let’s make a character gay, that would be FUN!” (creative mind). The first mind literally does not know the second mind exists; he thinks the “liberal” just wants to promote X, Y, and Z instead of A, B, and C.

    Anyway, I’m sure what I just said is totally fact and you should start quoting it in your real lives.

    • I would say that is the case for most shows and probably for the inception of Glee, but if you watch Glee now almost every episode has a serious message for teenagers that is definitely drawn from Ryan Murphy’s personal lifeview of how the world should be. I’m not saying I disagree with the messages, just that the writing clearly takes itself very seriously and is trying to insert certain messages in an episode at the expense of logic/creativity/good television.

      • Okay, this is interesting. Thanks. I have never actually watched Glee. I was thinking more of Burn Notice, Doctor Who, and The Prisoner.

    • I upvoted you but also wanted to say that this was very well said. I’ve never heard it put this way but it makes complete sense.

  16. Glenn Beck’s face watching Glee is my face watching Glenn Beck

  17. Well, if there’s one thing everybody agrees on, it’s that Glee is BRILLIANT.

  18. From what I understand, there was a quite repulsive storyline involving spousal abuse on the show. Could be that Glee is trying to meet this mouthbreathing fascist ass halfway.

  19. I will only watch if Kirk Cameron is involved.

    • Growing Pains 2? Mike Seaver is now the leader of the Glee club at his old high school and as if the kids aren’t getting picked on enough already he decides they should start saving people and the best way to do so is by singing contemporary christian music? (Sorry if this was touched on in the video. I didn’t watch it.)

  20. It just turns out that conservatives aren’t very funny or interesting. I mean even parodied conservatives aren’t really that funny (with notable exceptions), because a lot of those core beliefs are so gross that they parody themselves. Also, conservative messages are rarely very moving. Like can you imagine a heartwarming Christmas movie like It’s a Wonderful Life where the main character is a fan of Glenn Fucking Beck?

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  22. To be fair, the acting and cinematography on “Glee” ARE brilliant.

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