• It’s weird how even though we all went to see That’s My Boy this weekend, it still only made $13 million at the box office, making it one of Adam Sandler’s least successful movies of all time. Maybe they should do a recount? What’s going on over there? -FilmDrunk
  • Rock of Ages flopped, too! WHAT DID YOU GUYS EVEN DO THIS WEEKEND? -TheWeek
  • Oooh, it was recently the 25th anniversary of the GIF! Did you do anything to celebrate? Have a GIF party with a few friends where you all dressed as your favorite GIFs? What did you dress as? Let me know! Also here is a video about the anniversary from a bunch of artists! -LaughingSquid
  • Oy vey, Bryan Cranston is now saying that a Breaking Bad movie is not out of the question, if there is demand for a Breaking Bad movie in the future. The final season(s) hasn’t even aired yet! Relax! Everyone just please relax about TV! -WarmingGlow
  • Michael Shur is walking us all through Parks and Recreation‘s fourth season over at the AV Club. Great! What a treat. -AVClub
  • AHHHHHHH! GUYS! It looks like Rory Gilmore and Pete Campbell might be gross dating IN REAL LIFE! They’re at least taking airplanes together for sure, but we ALL know what that means.Right? Wink wink wink wink. -ONTD
  • Rob Dyrdek and his cousin are making frozen burritos “for stoners,” obviously. They come in cheeseburger and pepperoni pizza flavors, obviously. Rob Dyrdek is like one of the wealthiest men in the world, obviously. -Gawker
  • It looks like they’re really working the crew over at Lindsay Lohan’s Lifetime movie. Those poor babies. I know it probably sounds insincere to say “those poor babies” about older professionals working on a film set, but really, those poor babies! -Dlisted
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  1. You’ve failed, Lorelai.

  2. I went to see Safety Not Guaranteed instead of That’s My Boy/Rock Of Ages/Avengers for the 5th time! It was delightful! Thanks for advertising the bejeesus out of it!

    • I saw Sound of My Voice. Pretty good, but any movie less than 90 minutes long should not cost $10 Canadian.

    • Instead of going to any of those movies, I went to see Nick Offerman’s performance at Just For Laughs. It was the best. At the end, he and Megan Mullally and their backing band performed “5,000 Candles in the Wind” AKA the Li’l Sebastian funeral song from the season 3 finale of Parks and Rec.

      Jealous much?

    • Instead of going to the movies I got caught up on Dallas (absolutely craptastic and delightful!) and watched The Killing finale. They actually told us who killed Rosie Larsen! Guys? Anyone? No one watched it?

  3. 1) Lede burial: Pete Campbell doesn’t fly first class.
    2) My new pick up line is “let’s take a plane together.”

    • 1) i read a profile of him in some magazine [gq maybe? esquire?] and the guy also has almost no furniture – even a toilet. he lives like a buddhist monk or something.

      2) i expect you to bat 1.000 using it. it’s great. particularly if you wear a flight jacket.

      • Seriously, I hope it works, but it might backfire. I live in Atlanta (home to Delta) and when I was single someone warned me that pilots were “no good” and they were all players. I don’t know if it’s true or not but it made me think twice about automatically being attracted to them. Also be careful about beach volleyball games/top gun references.

    • Lede burial overall. “Rory and Pete Campbell are dating!!!!!!!!!” should have been the title of this post, in big capital letters. Because, I mean, really.

  4. I saw “That’s My Boy” on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Sand-man’s best film in a really long time.

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