Hey guys, got some pretty neat news for you. You know about cellphone games? Well one of them is going to be a TV show, so that’s pretty cool. Just when you thought this day couldn’t get any cooler! Thanks, Ryan Seacrest. From THR:

More than 20 years after it aired Win, Lose or Draw, CBS is going back to the format, giving a pilot orders to a Ryan Seacrest-produced take on mobile game Draw Something.

From Sony Pictures Television, Ryan Seacrest Productions and Embassy Row, the project is based on the popular mobile game that will see celebrities and everyday users playing in front of a live audience to earn cash prizes. The pilot also includes an option for viewers to play along at home for prizes.

So awesome! Viewers can play at home? Now I’ve heard it all! This is just so cool. An iPhone game as a TV game show? What did we all die and go to heaven where everything is perfect and amazing? Apparently! Well, I’ll keep my eyes out for more cool news, but this is a pretty cool start!

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  1. There is going to be a special place in hell for Ryan Secrest.

    • Whatever that special place in hell is like in terms of horror, utter agony and such, it probably doesn’t come close to having to watch his TV-shows.

  2. Players, whatever you do, just make sure that you IGNORE HITLER.

  3. Is this just ‘Win, Lose, or Draw!’?

  4. Also in development:

    Fake cell calls to avoid talking to people (who has the best fake conversation?)
    How many times can you drop your phone in the toilet and revive it with a hair dryer?
    Farmville (Little House prequel)
    Dance party (teenagers play music on speakers of cell phone on subway while adults glower at them)

  5. I hope they use real bombs.

  6. Does this mean there’s a chance that Temple Run will become a tv show? Which means there’s a chance that Legends of the Hidden Temple will be revived? I hope so.

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