I don’t really see what the big deal is? I mean, quite clearly, sending a young child into the ring with another young child to “tear his head off” is the purest way to express the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Golden Rule, if I remember it correctly, is to choke another out with the triangle choke you would like to be choked with. Right? That’s right. Amen. (Via ChristianNightmares.)

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  1. Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? Brownies for the Church bake sale next Sunday!

  2. yeah, what the world needs is more christian white male aggression.

  3. The First Rule of Fight Church is to RUN AWAY RIGHT NOW!!!

    • First Rule of Fight Church is “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.” By pure coincidence, that’s also Vince McMahon’s first rule of WWE.

      • The eighth rule is to brIng more people to Wednesday bingo. Well, it’s not really a rule as much as it is a suggestion… But some of you are slacking and we don’t want bingo to be cancelled for everyone.

  4. Let me get my bible…… No way! It really does say “turn the other check, then rip his head off.”

    My bad.

  5. I’m worried about God’s definition of violence, you guys.

  6. I don’t know, this is kind of fitting, I mean, whenever I have been cornered by someone preaching to me, I usually think how much nicer it would be to get beat up by an MMA fighter. They’re just looking to take all the options off the table.

  7. It’s like that footsteps story, where during the most difficult times, there was only one set of footsteps on the beach because Jesus was crouching on the rocks above you, waiting for his chance to jump and bring your ass down.

    I believe grannytables has that on a cross-stitch somewhere.

  8. The sermon on the mount was given on top of a pile of corpses, right?

  9. I have the weirdest schaden-boner.

  10. They get all their religious knowledge from a shared copy of Passion of the Christ on DVD, which nobody realizes is actually a mislabeled copy of 300.

  11. Finally. Affliction t-shirts with hardcore crucifixes have found their purpose.

  12. The twist is that they’re all crazy.

  13. “the first rule of Fight Church is that you always talk about Fight Church.”

    …and just like Tyler Durden, Jesus is also imaginary.

  14. The only version of the bible i have ever read was a children’s bible and I don’t remember this anywhere

  15. “My hope is by punching this non-Christian in the face, I can extend Christ to him.” Whaaaaaat?

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  17. If anyone is interested in a real conversation about this topic, I would love to have one! Shoot me an e-mail josh@fightchurch.com

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