Some of Channing Tatum’s former strippin’ pals are claiming he stole their moves for his upcoming Steven Soderbergh movie, Magic Mike. And he almost got away with it, too, if it weren’t for these pesky strippers. This will be OUR generation’s OJ trial.

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  1. “The law says you cannot steal stripper moves. But I think I see a lot of lawbreakers up in this house tonight.” – Matthew McConaughey during rehearsals, not wearing a shirt of course.

  2. I would be pretty pissed too if someone stole this from me

  3. I just want to mention that the aggrieved strippers have the most perfect names: “Thomas ‘Awesome’ Austin” and “London Steele”

  4. Uuummmm, what?! Are stripper moves patented? Is this like a Louis CK/Dane Cook situation? I had no idea!!

  5. wait…Steven Soderbergh is directing this? What kind of lap dance did Tatum do to make that happen?

  6. There’s more than five? Damn, now I really have to see this movie.

  7. I’ve seen the trailer and the commercials too but I still can’t figure out what the fuck this movie is about.

  8. FInd true love on agelover…….c – 0 ~rn….

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