HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Ronan Farrow, the biological son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, tweeted this yesterday, and then his mother retweeted it. Eek! Uh, guys? You OK? I mean, I know you’re not OK and that’s totally understandable, but maybe let’s not do this on Twitter? Admittedly, I do not know how hard it must be to have all of your “dirty laundry” aired out in public (“dirty laundry” is what I call it when a dude marries his adoptive daughter) but that doesn’t mean you need to KEEP airing it out in public? I’m not saying this as any kind of protection for Woody Allen, but just for your own sake, because YIIIIIIIIIIKES. (Also, really Mia Farrow? “Boom”? That’s your tongue-in-cheek-y reaction to the public scream of existential pain from your son as a reaction to the on-going relationship that must have been and probably continues to be the single most painful experience of your adult life? Boom. Throw an LOL on there while you’re at it. JKJK. LOL. Please RT.) One thing about this tweet is that it really gives the lie to Woody Allen’s overall posture that he doesn’t care what other people think about his personal life, which is fine when you’re talking about the public, and you might even be able to weasel out of caring what your ex-wife thinks because most people with ex-wives do, but this is your son! Maybe you guys should have a cup of coffee and figure things out? No? Just tweets? Tweets and interviews on some sunny terrace in Cannes once a year? Perfect. Happy Father’s Day! HERE, I GOT US ALL A NECKTIE!

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  1. It was at least kinder than Mel Gibson’s tweek from his kids that simply said, “Happy Father’s Day, Dad. Sorry about all the Jews out there.”

  2. Boom may seem a little out of touch in response, but you guys all missed it later when Mia tweeted a link to the ya burnt gif from 30 rock. So yeah….I think she’s got his number. Don’t worry, Mia’s killing it right now.

  3. When you constantly have to explain to people how your marriage is not incestuous maybe you’re not going to have the best relationship with your kids isn’t going to be so solid.

  4. Thank God my mother has not found out about Twitter. Her texts are bad enough.

  5. I mean, why else is Mia Farrow on Twitter if not to at some point make light (not light) of this craziness? Twitter is a place for (among other things) ugliness, and if your ugly well is that irresistible (and contains basically nothing else), at some point you go to it. Brava, Mia. Brava.


  6. I’m not terribly upset about this one. Woody Allen is a borderline-incestuous borderline-pedophile who gets away with it because he has made a few good movies. I think tweeting something like this is a little gauche, and maybe a joke that should have been kept as a prive dinner table joke or something, but people make mistakes and it’s certainly much more forgiveable than sexually grooming and then marrying your daughter.

    • Yeah, I think it’s gotta be one of those situations for the rest of the members of that family that it’s now a grim joke. How else could you cope with something like that? So, I’m sure that poor Ronan Farrow probably makes jokes like this with his other siblings maybe or close friends and I can see how that could lead to a person probably thinking it’s okay to put it on Twitter. Like you said, it seems like most people make errors in judgment about what is appropriate for social media at some point or other (like deciding to use FB Connect on Videogum and it subsequently ruining your life.) I don’t think this is something that should be aired out in public, but I don’t know. Who knows how we’d all act in this situation. At least it’s not “Courtney Love’s tweets to Frances Bean ” level TMI.

      • The thing is, this has already been aired in public. This is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Woody Allen, and I think that’s true for a lot of people. Ronan Allen must realize he’s known as the “guy whose dad married his sister,” so maybe he brings it up first just so other people can’t hurt him with it. That’s his damage, I guess.
        But what’s fucking strange is Mia Farrow turning it into a weird family conversation in public. I think the error in judgement (ie, the error of grossing us all out and making us think she might be super weird) is hers rather than his.

        • I agree with this, but I can see where the mistake could be made. She’s super proud to have their kid in her corner, and although it’s not cool to rub it in his face so publicly like this I understand where its coming from. I can also maybe see her being suuuuper embarrassed about it later and not knowing how to delete it because of being an old person using technology. I’ll give it a pass.

    • BTW, how was the slumber party?! (Haha, v. nice thread to discuss a slumber party, me.)

      • So much fun! We made hula hoops out of plumbing tubing, there was so much delicious food, we hung up “no boys allowed” signs all over the apt, made and played with a Ouija board, and we prank called every single boy in our contact lists from each others’ phones!

        • That sounds AMAZING. I love hula hooping WAAAY too much! Ohmygoodness! I’m glad you had fun! (It must’ve taken you a long time to prank call every boy!)

          • Well, not EVERY single one… The ones who would think it was funny, or at least not get mad. Or at least who knew us well enough that it wouldn’t be creepy to get pranked by us at 3 in the morning.

  7. I dunno, I actually literally LOLed.

    • Me too. I figured they were sitting on deck chairs looking over something lovely with all the adopted now-adult kids hanging out with their families and their own kids… White wine was served alongside a lovely brunch platter for all (as going out would be too troublesome with the sheer volume of people). I bet they had croissants and fruit and bagels with lox and fresh orange juice.

      Then, after a few mimosas, a quasi-drunk son made the joke to the quasi-drunk mom when it was mentioned that they were all seeing mom on father’s day because… YOU KNOW. So then he’s like “I should Tweet that.” And then mom is all “Hilarious.”

      That’s how half of my wine-drunk Twitter decisions get made when I’m with my mom and she’s not even on Twitter.

  8. So I figure this post will get some major traffic, and so I’m going to post this here. Last week, in the post on who’s head shouldn’t get impaled on a spike, I made the comment “Jason Bateman because he’s just so great (NO HOMO)”. Some people, specifically Mr Plainview and noclevernickname, respectfully, thought I was being either casually homophobic and/or insensitive. I intended on being neither, and I think this is more a result of the ambiguity of the interwebz more than anything. On one hand, I didn’t really care what people thought because, well, it’s a pop culture blog full of relative strangers, but on the other hand I really respect and value the commenters on this site, their thoughts and opinions, and so I just wanted to clear the air on what I really meant because the idea of being thought of that “casually homophobic guy” on Videogum isn’t something I strive for. I did this in the original post, but it was so late I doubt anyone saw it. Indulge me, if you will.

    To noclevernickname and mr.plainview, and anyone else who saw my comment and thought it was less than polite.
    You’re right. ‘No Homo’ is a ridiculous meme and should be retired. Only, I wasn’t using it like that–at least I don’t think I was. My use of it here, while admittedly difficult to discern to the casual reader, was a tongue in cheek jab at those who seriously use ‘no homo’ as some sort of disclaimer protecting them from accusations that they might be gay, even in situations where there is really no possible way for what they said or did to be interpreted as such. In this case, obviously no one would think I’m gay just for liking Jason Bateman as much as I do, and so the joke, if a poor one, is more a jab at those young men, age 18-25, who nevertheless feel the need to couch their comments in masculinity for fear of being mistakenly outed. I meant absolutely no disrespect towards homosexuals, nor was I trying to be insensitive, save perhaps to those fragile young men I previously mentioned who have their sexuality so easily shaken.

    Thanks guys! And sorry if posting this here was inappropriate. Again, it was borne out of the esteem I hold for all of you.

  9. Mia’s RT tweet actually made me finally look up what all that controversy was about back in the day.
    I had no idea Ms. Farrow has adopted a ton of children while also having her own throughout her life, and how she adopted Soon Yi in her previous marriage before she divorced and married Woody Allen. Crazy.

    Also crazy, how Ronan is the only child of Woody and Mia, and his full name is Satchel Ronan O’Sullivan Farrow, named after Satchel Paige, of all people, who I’ve been hearing about in every episode of Greg Proops’ Smartest Man In The World Proopcast (because Greg is a huge fan of Mr. Paige).

    Anyway. After reading all that I was like, “Holy shit. That’s funny.”

  10. If a comedian had made this joke on Twitter about Woody Allan’s family situation, it might get a guilty chuckle. But if anyone has the right to say it, it’s their only biological adult child.

    But it wouldn’t be a topic on Videogum (and elsewhere) if his famous mother hadn’t given it the RT.

  11. Nope, this is hilarious and fantastic. At least they’re able to retain a sense of humor (however dark) about something so supremely horrific. Woody Allen is an incestuous shit.

  12. Ugh, I also just figured out the timeline, and Ronan was FIVE when his mother discovered nude photos his father had taken of his sister.

    For someone to live through that, graduate COLLEGE at age 15, then, after being accepted to Yale Law School (AT FIFTEEN), he deferred his admission until the fall of 2006 to work as an adviser to Richard Holbrooke, former United States Ambassador to the United Nations (AT AGE FIFTEEN!).

    Kudos for him being a smartypants human rights attorney now instead of a Kardashian (or a Jenner)!

    • One titled from his selected bylines: “The UN’s Human-Rights Sham.” He’s definitely Woody Allen’s progeny.

      Unlike Soon Yi Previn, who was not only an adult when their affair started, but was not adopted by Woody. He and Mia never even lived together. Come on, people. The only shitty thing he did was mack on his girlfriend’s daughter.

    • Yes, smacky is correct. This young man has every right to be upset with his Father. And for people to have that “well, he wasn’t married to Mia and he didn’t adopt this Soon Ye, and we should all get over it” is simply wrong. To Ronan, Soon Ye was his older sister for many years and for his father to waltz in and decide that he wanted this girl for himself without any regard as to what this would do to the rest of the family was selfish.

  13. Too Soon Yi.

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