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  1. It does make total sense now! You see, I can only assume that the presence of bathrobes means the aliens were having a slumber party, and the self-disintegration thingy was like a crank call. The black hell goo is the alien version of putting someone’s hand in warm water, and ripping David’s head off was pretty much a pillow fight.

    As for the squid baby, well, what slumber party doesn’t include that. It would just be gauche.

  2. I saw Prometheus again on Wednesday. My friend invited me for dinner and a movie in celebration because he wrapped up a year-long art gig. I absolutely wanted to hang out with him, and was like, “Yeah, I could see it again.” But I was kind of really dreading it.

    Surprisingly, I actually liked it a hell of a lot more the second time around. It was a lot of fun! Part of that, I’m sure, is due to the fact that I saw it in a regular theater with no IMAX or 3-D with much more favorable company, and the film still dips down in its third act, but everything up to right after Shaw getting her c-section/Weyland entering the scene is really engaging and entertaining. I definitely don’t hate this film. Quite the contrary.

    • Hey! Since I wasn’t here for the Prometheus discussion, I’ll just jump on board now, ‘kay? I, like everyone, was confused and frustrated by the things that made very little sense at all when I sat down to think about it. However, I really enjoyed my movie-going experience at the time. It was tense and visually stunning, and Noomi Rapace’s cheekbones are a wondrous thing to behold. Fassbender’s performance was really interesting too. I saw it with my dad (cool kid) and we had a great time whispering to each other about how royally stupid everyone in the movie was and making predictions about what might go wrong next. I was also cringe-laughing during the armbreak, acid spray, face rape of the “biologist” and “geologist.” So, not a great movie, definitely a movie with some serious plotting and pacing problems, but I enjoyed my overall experience. Not one for the ages, but a pleasant and interesting enough time.

  3. I liked the part where I still haven’t seen this yet, no spoilers

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