Good news, fans of any TV show that has ever ended in a way that you think was premature! We’re currently living in a world where all you have to do is be upset, complain about it on the Internet — or send pants to whomever it may concern — and then there will probably be at least rumors that your TV show is going to come back in some form, and then all you have to do is never stop talking about those rumors and then voilà! More of that TV show, whatever it is! Bored to Death has recently entered this renewal cycle, from Vulture:

There’s a glimmer of hope for Bored to Death fans today. The canceled HBO show, which aired its final episode in November, might have one more outing as a movie. Yesterday at the Monte Carlo Television Festival, Ted Danson told French journalist Pierre Langlas that there was a good chance of a 90-minute movie happening. A rep from HBO tells Vulture that there have “been some conversations” about a BTD movie, but “it’s at a very early stage.”

Obviously I will watch this movie if it is ever indeed released. I’m not going to NOT WATCH a Bored to Death movie when it comes out. I’m not a dummy. But, my goodness, can’t anything die a simple death anymore? Do we all HAVE to keep clamoring for more whatever and never stop mentioning whatever’s name until even its memory is destroyed because MY GOODNESS just shut up about it already? Sometimes things are best left alone. Let them Rest In Peace every once in a while. Out of RESPECT! Right? Right or no? Do you guys want all your favorite shows to come back? Are you still passing around petitions for a Gilmore Girls movie? Never resting until Friends does another season? “Re-Do Seinfeld‘s finale!” Is that what you think? Let me know. Plz let me know what you think. #endlessseasonsandamovie

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  1. We never got our Veronica Mars movie. :(

  2. I’ve been mailing scalpels and martini glasses to Fox since 1983, but they still haven’t brought back M*A*S*H.

  3. Bring back Matlock!

  4. I’d watch a My So-Called Life season 2 that takes off where season 1 ended.

  5. Easy: An OC movie, potentially as a reset in the middle of the series before it turned too dark, and possibly with endless sequels. Olivia Wilde may be difficult to bring back though.

  6. I’ve been stealing pens from the set of The Killing in hopes that they will get frustrated with the extra expense and cancel the show.

    • “Hero” is a word that is often overused today. But, in your case, I’d say it applies.

      Now if we could only do something about True Blood …

  7. It’s one thing if the show gets to leave on it’s own terms, but if it doesn’t, they should get a chance to at least wrap up the way they wanted to. Let them know their SEASON finale is going to be the SERIES finale. Otherwise, let people bitch and complain until they DO have a real SERIES finale.

    So, in terms of Arrested Development, I’m ‘ok’ with it being over. They didn’t get to everything they wanted, but they at least did wrap up with a bookend of the first episode. I’ll still watch the HELL out of the extra season and movie coming out, but I won’t be heart broken if it doesn’t happen. Similarly, I’m glad they made a Serenity movie.

    But, Community? At least tell them at the start of the season it’s going to end, and they can come up with an ending. The lack of closure is part of the problem.

    Also, again, if crap can go on forever, why not have great shows go on forever. As much as people ‘hate’ Simpsons now, it’s still better than a lot of crap that is on TV. Getting rid of it, just because some time frame has passed and we need to move on, would be fine, IF (a) this applied to everything (like say, maybe American Idol and Dancing With the Stars should go out on top, instead of going on for far too long) and (b) they actually give NEW shows a chance to find their audience … the same way shows like Simpsons and Seinfeld did before they went on for ‘too long’.

    If they are going to kill good shows before they find an audience, we don’t need them ALSO killing shows just after they peak, because then all we’ll be left with is crap that appeals to the lowest common denominator, because anything that doesn’t immediately get an audience will go away, and anything of quality will inevitably dip and be unfavorably compared to it’s own greatness instead of the rest of the crap it’s actually aired against.

    • This is true, but some Simpsons episodes this season have been really good. The book caper one? Awesome. Moe’s bar rag one? Awesome. Two or three other ones? Fantastic.

      Of course I still am trying to figure out why Community could last more than 2 years… aren’t they going to school full-time? Should it become University?

      Also, making a showrunner prep for the end and then giving them extra can mess up a show significantly. The last season of Scrubs was very odd because of this… and even though I cannot stand Zach Braff, I was a big fan of the ensemble cast.


  9. I disagree with this post. Another round of Bored to Death, bartender.

    To elaborate a little, I don’t know what it means for a show like this to “die a simple death.” It had a short life (24 eps) and left fans disappointed that it was cancelled prematurely. The finale failed to offer a satisfying conclusion, and the finale was probably the least funny episode of the series. So, more please.

  10. Jericho! the first season was so good and it really had potential to be a great show. there was enough fan protest that they got a half-assed second season to “wrap the story up.” I see similarities between it and Walking Dead

  11. okay where do i send my cornballs and analrapist cards to to get my damn arrested development movie or extra season?

  12. I’d love a St. Elsewhere sequel movie featuring Dr. Westphall pouring concrete until his shift is over.

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  14. Newsradio Origins: The Rise of Dave.

    (Or: Escape From Wisconsin. Or: Dave Nelson, Canadian Spy)

  15. I’m conflicted about a Party Down movie. I want more but i’m so scared they will spoil that perfect flower of a show.

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