It might seem like there’s almost no need to reiterate how terrible pranks are here, because we’ve spoken about it many times in the past and I feel like at least most of us are on the same page about it, but if you’re thinking it seems like that, I do have to tell you that — even though that seems perfectly reasonable — YOU ARE WRONG! Because people are still out there pulling pranks. Telling Taylor Swift she blew up a boat. Making Drake think Chris Brown sent him a bouquet, or whatever. Making their boyfriend think they’re really mad at him about something because they actually are a little mad at him about it but they know it’s not something they should really be mad about, and then they say “just kidding.” Or even, let’s say, being the “self proclaimed creator of the ’coning‘ craze” (ugh) (UGH), and dressing up like a “zombie” to scare the shit out of people who were just trying to MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS AND LIVE THEIR LIFE IN PEACE.

They aren’t running away because they’re foolish and think a zombie came back to life or whatever, they’re running away because there is a MENTALLY ILL MAN CHASING AFTER THEM AND YELLING AT THEM! COOL PRANK. “Haha, you came home from work and I was screaming and had a gun pointed at you and you were so scared haha but actually it was a fake gun gotcha hon where are you going wait come back I GOTCHA!” Terrible. All bad. Scaring people for a legitimate reason and ruining their days and making them afraid to go to the park in the future because one time they went and a NIGHTMARE CRAWLED UP BEHIND THEM is the least fun way to pull a prank, and EVERY way to pull a prank is a not fun way to pull a prank. BOOOOOOO! BOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Via ViralViral.)

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  1. No. Don’t continue this. Please. How is it a prank to make someone run away from something they think will murder them? Like, if I saw this dude, I would run (after wetting myself), not because I assume zombie but because I assume he’s murder-happy. Also, what is up with the dudes at 1:31? “Oh hey, that person is being chased by someone who seems to be splattered in blood. Cool. Normal tuesday stuff, right here.” IT IS 2012 ONE OF YOU HAS A CELL PHONE MOST LIKELY, CALL THE POLICE. OR AT LEAST SPEEDWALK AWAY.

  2. Well this is definitely the dumbest thing I’ve seen so far today.

  3. Further proof just how cool zombies are.

  4. If the goal is to make people act like there really is an imminent zombie apocalypse, then what’s the end-game, here? For someone to eventually work up the nerve to put a pick-axe through the prankster’s skull? Because that person would be a true hero in more ways than one.

  5. Nice makeup. I don’t recall seeing any zombies on The Walking Dead with a gaping anus on their forehead

  6. Remember in Zombieland when *SPOILER* Bill Muray pranks the kid who looks like George Michael Bluth and then gets shot because he thinks he really is a zombie? To me, that alone is probably a good enough reason to not pretend to be a zombie. In that case, he’s in the middle of an actual zombie apocalypse, so fair enough to shoot Bill Murray. But there is a huge, strange, tragic subculture of nerds who actively plan for zombies (I originally chose my apartment in part because of the ease of escaping the island from here BECAUSE MY OLD ROOMMATE CONSIDERED THIS A LEGITIMATE CONCERN). I can definitely see this guy getting shot in the head, or beat to death or something. Especially with the bath salts. Zombie apocalypse nerds are on a hair trigger at the minute.

    • I actually saw a guy walking around, looking typically dejected at commute time, in full zomble make up last week. I assumed someone had a weird job, but maybe it was a prankster. Could this be a nationwide phenomena? Get you’re pepper spray together it’s inappropriate zombie prank season! Woot woo!

      Yeah, I definitely see some basement dweller not used to the sun murdering one of his kin due to a hilarious zombie misunderstanding if this is a thing.

    • I’m assuming there are multiple incidents like this in the bloopers.

  7. Ugh. Reminds me of a YouTube video someone posted of a guy randomly walking up to people and saying “Are you a good boy?” in a high pitched voice like he’s talking to a dog. The “humor” was supposed to be that people smiled and played along. Of course they played along because they assumed the guy was mentally deficient.

    It’s the subtle difference between watching the Three Stooges on TV and having three stooges approach you on the street.

  8. I had never heard of coning, so I did a quick search. According to Wikipedia, coning is when “the cerebellar tonsils move downward through the foramen magnum possibly causing compression of the lower brainstem and upper cervical spinal cord as they pass through the foramen magnum.” So maybe this isn’t a prank, and that’s not makeup?

  9. Seriously, who throws a book?

  10. What an asshole. Could you pick a worse time to do something like this, what with Miami Bath Salts Guy, the Canadian Psycho Guy, and the One Guy Who Killed And Ate His Roommate? It’s in poor taste, bro. But, honestly, doing something like this is ALWAYS in poor taste. Scaring children? Scaring women who are alone? Do you know how scary it is to be a child and always being preached to about “STRANGER DANGER” and hearing all that crap on the news? And do you know how often we single women are always being told not to go out jogging by ourselves and what not? Do you know how traumatizing and scary it would be for a deranged person to come chasing after you, no matter who you were? UGGGGGHH. YOU SUCK, DUDE.

    • Sadly, a bloody zombie man chasing me through the streets might not actually be the creepiest stranger danger dude I’ve come across this month.

      That is not a comforting statement.

    • And who is more likely to ignore your boundaries – a man with zombie make-up who comes CHASING AFTER YOU or a man without (or even with) zombie make-up who leaves you alone?

  11. so about a year ago, I was cutting through this alley that connects my office building to a convenience store and there was a homeless guy that I’d seen around often enough to recognize digging through a dumpster. As I got close to him, he quickly turned around and raised up his arm in a thrusting motion and shouted “IMMA CUT YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!”

    needless to say, I shouted and jumped back, both in reflex and fear for my life. He then proceeded to laugh and say, “ah, I’m just kidding, man! How bout you get me a cup of coffee?”

    I laughed like crazy because hey, I wasn’t stabbed by a hobo in an alley! but also I did think it was funny until I really processed it and realized he was just praying on an unassuming person’s very legitimate fear.

    and yes, I did buy him that cup of coffee and now he makes a stabbing motion and laughs every time I see him.

  12. My favorite prank:

  13. @1:10 the guy doesn’t get off the phone.
    I hate when zombies interrupt my conversations. Sooo annoying.

  14. They must have done this in a gated community or something. In my neighborhood, zomb homie would have gotten a cap popped in his dome and or some industrious skateboarder would have known what to do with a skateboard while under attack.

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