You loooooove him, you want to kiiiiiiiiiss him, he is your huuuuuuuuusband, you two are marrrrrrrrrrrrried. Obviously, a serious, committed, longterm relationship involves a lot of compromise. But as long as you don’t give him no orders and you don’t expect him to listen to you when you are yelling, the two of you just might make this thing last. Get out your Sharpie and writer “Mrs. Clean UP” all over those jeans because this is forever.

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  1. Just playing a hunch, but the police should check those wood stumps for some hidden microfiche or encrypted space plans.

  2. ‘I don’t take no orders from no woman’ is practically a double negative, Ihor. Jokes on you, you take all the orders from all the women!

  3. He’s not that bad. Look at that lovely wood pile he put together so she can bring some in to make a fire and rub his feet. Sweet lurve.

  4. Say what you want about his attitude toward women, but nobody can say my boyfriend is racist when it comes to making lists of the people he doesn’t live with and aren’t helping him out.

  5. I wood never date him.

  6. Struggling to come up with an answer, it seems the media had Mr. Stetkewycz…




  7. Ha yeah, this is my boyfriend. We are very much in love. I think. He won’t actually let me talk. But I can tell. And I love him, too. That’s what that rolling ball of nausea and despair is, right? Love? And anyways, he’s not offensive, he’s just martian. It’s their culture.

  8. He probably wouldn’t want me to tell you this, but my boyfriend is unable to climax unless he’s being humiliated by a woman.

  9. Does anyone else ever think it is a little weird that we all always have the exact same boyfriends and girlfriends? I am beginning to wonder if we have bad taste in partners.

  10. Our relationship works because neither of us take no orders from women. We are just two gay dudes, not taking orders. I swoon just thinking of my strong man.

  11. No wonder this guy doesn’t seem fazed. He probably gets accused of “illegally dumping” every time he opens his mouth.

  12. Truckasaurus Stetkewycz. The name I always doodled on my trapper keeper.

  13. GUUUYS! I’m back from my vacation where I met my boyfriend, Mr. Clean UP! How in the world did you know??

  14. The Martian accent is weird.

    • Reckless driving, open intoxicants and disturbing the peace? Well at least we have a lot of things in common… Don’t know what the building fine is for, but it’s the little mysteries that keep our love alive.

  15. Cut from the interview is Mr. Clean-up actually professing support for the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which I find interesting.

  16. How can he answer her questions if he doesn’t listen to women?

    gotcha, Ihor

  17. Ihor Stetkewyczs are from Mars and he don’t take no orders from no Venusian by the way, by the way he don’t take orders from NO Venusian.

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