• For those of you wondering whether or not Pete’s receding hairline on Mad Men was natural and perfect or unnatural and shaven, here is an interview in which he talks about it. (He actually has no hair at all, it’s a wig!) (Nope!) (That was a lie!) -Vulture
  • Speaking of Mad Men: Hey ladies or guys who like makeup, want to read about the different makeup styles of the ladies on Mad Men, from the person who does their makeup? You’re in luck! -THR
  • Uh-oh Weeds lovers, it looks like the next season of Showtime’s Weeds is going to be its last! I’m not sure how you will ever get over this and my thoughts and prayers are with you. -EW
  • Here is a video about how one time a bunch of celebrities took a plane together. -Southwest
  • Hugh Laurie is going to play the villan in Robocop! That should be good, right? He’s great. One time I read a book written by Hugh Laurie, and this weekend I saw someone reading that book at a bus station, and now this. It’s crazy when it all comes together! -AVClub
  • In lieu of an update on how the I Just Want My I Just Want My Pants Back Back campaign is going, here is a list of the seven most successful “give me my TV show back” campaigns from TV fans. (Hopefully we’ll get a Pants update soon, though.) (WE DESERVE TO KNOW.) -TheWeek
  • Justin Theroux says he is the “luckiest guy in the world,” but what I’m thinking is that we’re all going to be the luckiest guys in the world when he dyes his hair and stars as Ted Leo in the a future Ted Leo biopic.Right? You kind of see it? That’s going to be great. We’re so lucky. -Dlisted
  • And, finally, a wonderful little story about a cat named Renesmee. -FilmDrunk
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  1. Close, but nobody’s a dead ringer for Teddy Rockstar like General David Petraeus.

    I rest my case (ALWAYS rest your case).

  2. Here’s what happens in the video about celebrities on a plane together. First Alec Baldwin is playing Words with Friends with Gerard Depardieu and he plays the word “fart” which make Gerard Depardieu laugh so hard he pees on the floor, then Alec Baldwin starts yelling at the steward who is trying to clean it up, then pilot John Travolta kicks Alec Baldwin off, then on their way to Australia to meet up with Oprah, co-pilot Sully flies into a gaggle of geese, and Marky Mark is like, “If I were on that plane we would have stopped it from flying into that gaggle.”

  3. That Justin Theroux write-up made me feel fucking gross just reading it. Go back to writing class. In fact, go back to How To Not Write Gross class!

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