Conan is taping in Chicago this week, and there he visited an elementary school and produced a DELIGHTFUL video in which he wrote blues songs with children. All of the children are great, but one of them is the best. CAN YOU GUESS WHICH ONE?

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  1. I could not guess which one. PLEASE TELL ME WHICH ONE

  2. all of them were the best

  3. I was so sure when you said one of them was the best that I was going to see one of the kids ask Conan where he got his ideas. That didn’t happen; I don’t know which was the best but they were all pretty great.

  4. I thought it was the kid who could only eat chocolate on Friday. My personal nightmare.

  5. I had to wait to come home on my lunch to watch that video, and it was worth the wait. Little kids and the blues go together like kids’ penchant for throwing balls at other kids.

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