1. Bet for more bets.
2. Bet that someone you have a crush on can’t give you a kiss + love you forever.
3. Bet that you can predict the winner of the professional sports game and then pick one of the teams, and then if you pick the losing team say that they’re still the winner either because it is opposite day or because of how much money the team makes for having a job that they clearly don’t even know how to do.
4. Bet that you’ll never have a Click remote, and then if you DO get a Click remote, go back in time and change what you said to “I bet someday I’ll have a Click remote.”
5. Pick an object and bet that you can throw that object into the air higher than the other person, but make sure you’re in a spot where it would be difficult to judge how high an object has been thrown into the air, like a big open field maybe, or somewhere else that fits that qualification.

6. Bet that you can say all 50 states in under 30 seconds and then say “all fifty states in under thirty seconds.” (Very tricky.)
7. Bet you can drink more and talk louder than everybody else at the party, and then either do or do not try to win the bet; it’s up to you.
8. Bet that your friend can’t FOR ONCE just do the thing that you want to do — even if they have no interest in it — because they’re a good friend and not the most selfish person you’ve ever met in your entire life.
9. If you can do a magic trick, bet that you can do, or at least attempt, that magic trick.
10. Bet on yourself.

Amen! (Via TWBE.)

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  1. Bet a friend that you can lick your own eyeball. Now simply take out your glass eye and lick it.

  2. What I am getting from this is that british people hate their friends.

  3. Considering the pound to dollar exchange rate, those are some pretty pricey bets.

  4. When I was a kid my two favorite jokes qualify as these type of bets:

    1) A: I bet you can’t name all the colors in the American Flag. B: Red, White, and Blue A: “and” is not a color (said in a really snotty voice)

    2) A: Do you know the word [say any word]? B: Yes A: I bet you can’t spell it. B: [spells word] A: Nope, I-T. I said spell “it” (also said in snotty voice).

  5. Bet that your friend has money. Then when they do, take their money because you won that bet fair and square.

  6. Bet that you will get lowest rated comment in this week’s Monster’s Ball.

    • …then express an opinion that contradicts the viewpoint of Gabe and/or the Videogum community at large (preferably something pro-Republican or anti-Game of Thrones), all without making it so obvious as to tip off the other commenters that that you are gunning for downvotes. It’s more difficult than it might seem.

  7. When my nephew was little, he watched my cousin and I do a a magic trick where I would leave the room, and based on a signal from my cousin, I could guess what card some one picked. My nephew then told us that he had a magic trick where he would make us disappear. He had us pick a card then shouted “That’s the wrong card, go to your room!”

    Moral to the story: cuteness can win you bets too.

  8. Bet someone that you have a long-lost twin. Say they’re running late, then excuse yourself to the bathroom, change your clothes, hairstyle, shoes, and accent. Then come back and pretend to be the twin who was running late. Then pretend to get a pressing telephone call, and say something has come up. Tell your friend to tell you as you that you as your twin is sorry to have missed you as you, then leave but really go back into the bathroom and change back into you again. Come back out and collect your bet.

  9. Bet a friend he will watch a three and a half minute video that features glasses of what pretty much has just got to be pee

  10. Bet that when you follow the advice of this video, you will have £200 and 0 friends

  11. Become friends with Biff Tannen in 1955.

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