This is a kind of interesting look at all of the ways that things can go wrong on a big budget Hollywood movie. Light up a cigar fat cat because now you’re a real insider with the scoop!

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  1. Guys, returning briefly from my exile because I need very important opinions. 10 minutes before an interview before my promotion, I found a heads-up penny. GOOD LUCK, right? Except, the penny is sticky fron an unknown substance. What’s the consensus here? Does the ick factor outweigh the heads-up factor on the luck scale?

  2. “Paramount has taken the unusual step of hiring Prometheus scriptwriter Damon Lindelof to rework the film’s third act.”

    “This movie doesn’t have enough magical science-type gobbledygook. Get me Lindelof!” – movie executives

    • I know, right? When I read that I actually said “Oh no!” out loud.

      It’s a shame because World War Z is actually a pretty fantastic book.

      • AGREED. Everyone, just read the book. The book is good! Or, listen to it on tape! John Turturro is involved! He is great! Just say no to Lindelof!

      • I think the mistake was trying to get this sprawling story told in one film. It’s really just a collection of vignettes from survivors.

        My preference would have been something like the BBC Sherlock series– one and a half hour episode/mini-movie for each chapter in the book. Budget $5-10 million per episode, like Game of Thrones.

  3. I will never be able to wrap my head around a movie making $200 million and being a flop, I will probably never see $200 million in my life

  4. Lindelof has been brought in to rework the third act?? That’s the worst act for him to rework! He is TERRIBLE at third acts!!

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