This is obviously not the first baby who refuses to wake up video that we have watched together, but guess what: it’s also not the last. Babies who refuse to wake up are so cute and hilarious! Who do you think you are? “I’m so over it.” Grow up. “Ugh, another adorable baby whose head is like a watermelon at the end of a bendy straw who is just soooo tired and no matter what her family does she is going to keep sleeping like a champ. I hate this. I’m so jaded. Let’s go carve Brad Renfro’s name into our skin with a razor blade.” Looks like YOU need a wake up call. Loosen up. We’re having fun! (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. Today, I am that crazed looking 5-year-old. Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!

  2. I’m actually a morning person. When I wake up, I’m pretty much firing on all cylinders straight away. Jealous? If so, please register your displeasure by downvoting this comment and its smug tone.

  3. oh man. one of my good friends from high school dated brad renfro. it was not a good scene. there was a lot of crack smoking. and yes, we should all be sympathetic towards people that get caught in the fame machine as children and turn into horrible sad monsters and die horrible sad deaths, but he really helped to put her on a path that fucked up her life for several years. and james franco is just a goob.

  4. This video is doing nothing to disprove my theory of the baby/drunk parallels. It is like the number 23. In the way that it is nothing at all like the number 23.

  5. Ugh, why did I click that link? I had a friend in high school who looked like James Franco and was a “crazy” “artist” who would do stuff like shave “NHL” and “weed” into the sides of his head as “social experiments” because he was “eccentric” like that. Geez Louise. So annoying. Almost as annoying as a thousand unnecessary quotation marks in a comment.

  6. I sympathize with you, baby. My boyfriend did the same thing to me this morning.

  7. Girl knows what she wants.

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