I’m not a fan of staged, YouTube-friendly wedding proposals. Keep it to yourselves! This is a special moment for the two of you, so enjoy it, and leave the fucking DAILYWHAT out of it, or whatever. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime moment in which the two of us make a meaningful promise to love each other forever, so I hope it gets on New York Magazine‘s Vulture blog fingers crossed!” Come on, man. But a marriage proposal that involves BOTH OF YOU re-enacting a scene from Jurassic Park in the desert? Sure. OK. You got me. She never saw it coming. “We re-enact scenes from Jurassic Park in the desert every other week, so I just figured it was normal.” Love these guys. They deserve each other and they deserve so many RT’s. (Via TheDailyWhat and Vulture.)

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  1. Needs more melodica.

  2. Damnit! Now how am I supposed to propose to that kid from Jurassic Park?

  3. How nice for them that they can be legally married in all 50 states.

  4. totally normal stuff. i re-enacted scenes from ‘Close Encounters’ to break it to my family that I was leaving them.

  5. Can’t wait for the wedding video. I’m sure they’ll spare no expense.

  6. It kind of bugs me that the way he hold the raptor claw looks like he’s giving her the finger the whole time. Obvs not his intention, though…

  7. Future divorce proceedings are going to be misery for them, since they both hate blood-sucking lawyers.

  8. okaaaay, crazy. due to the video quality, i’m a full two minutes into the video when he says her name and i have my mind BLOWN that i use to work with her at the natural history museum in LA. i proposed to my now wife on the roof of said museum. the future is a weird and scary place you guys.

    • So they really *are* two dinosaur nerds who found love on a dig? That is really quite lovely. Unless she was a gift shop skank and fossil groupie… You know how they are, especially in Los Angeles. Ugh, fossil groupies. Trillabites are hella common girls, calm down.

  9. “God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates Man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs. For where you dig I will dig, and where you Park I will Park.” — paleeoguy’s wedding vows. He uses Park as a verb to mean watch Jurassic Park, like all the cool kids do.

  10. Tip for the bride on her wedding night: hold on to your butt.

  11. “You may now say the magic word.” -Priest

  12. I can’t believe I didn’t hate this. It was actually kind of great.

  13. Shoot her! Shooooot herrrrr!

  14. “He left me. He left me!” – Her

    “But that’s not what I’m gonna do!” – 2nd husband

  15. They do move in herds. You married? Occasionally. Clever girl.

  16. I’m also not a fan of these proposals that seem more like they happened because the guy wanted to make a viral video, BUT… I think him calling her his “adventure buddy” is the dorkiest, goofiest, most adorable thing I’ve ever seen in one of these videos, so, this one gets a pass.

    Plus, you know Jurassic Park.

  17. Oh, God. Is this why no one has proposed to me, because there is no way I would agree to participate in some idiotic Jurassic Park reenactment? OK, guys, you win. Let’s reenact movies in the desert, whatever whatever, gimme my ring already.

  18. me and my best friend in second grade would reenact Jurassic park everyday on the play ground. Now that sounds so boring.

  19. Wow, that is a big pile of … ring, I guess? Someone else already used clever girl.

  20. They’re going to announce their pregnancy by screening the Mr. DNA segment for all of their poor, poor friends.

  21. That was completely awesome, Lee! Congratulations!
    p.s. (I cried)

  22. This is what happens when I don’t read Videogum every day. I miss the one post I was put on this earth to comment on until over a week later.

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