Lance Bass is back in the biz, you guys! I hate to start your morning on such a high note that there is then no place else for the day to go so you have to go back to bed and wait for tomorrow, but SURPRISE! Lance Bass created a show for Lifetime, and now he’s back in the biz. Assuming he had been out of this biz since ‘N Sync, which may be incorrect. The show is like MTV’s Cribs meets Pawn Stars, or so I hear! From Deadline:

Created by Bass, Celebrity Sellouts is described as “MTV’s Cribs meets Pawn Stars.” It will follow A-list celebrities in their homes as they part with memorabilia, costumes, furniture and tchotchkes, all of which will be auctioned off for charity, with the celebs trying to hit a goal dollar amount. Bass, DiSanto, Gateley and Leftfield’s Brent Montgomery executive produce. Former ‘N Sync member Bass brought the idea to DiGa because of his relationship with former MTV topper DiSanto via the music channel and its Total Request Live program, which DiSanto co-created.

Oooh lala! Certainly only the biggest A-list celebrities will take part in sorting through their tchotchkes on Lifetime to hit a goal dollar amount, I’m sure. It all sounds perfect, except for the name, which is actually kind of perfect but I think we can make it MORE perfect. My suggestions:

  • Celebrity Garbage
  • Who’s Gonna Buy All This Celebrity Garbage?
  • They Touched It And Now It Is Mine
  • Anything That A Celebrity Has Or Had, I Want
  • I Got It From ______, IMDB Him
  • Don’t Touch It, It’s Going To Be Worth “A Lot Of Money” Someday
  • Garbage Auction For Charity

So glad to see Lance Bass is back in the biz. So glad to see all these MUCH better names for his TV show. Just so glad.

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  1. You Are Not Smarter Than A Fifth Grader For Buying This

  2. Guess who had sex on this coffee table, just guess, come on man, give up? JEFF GOLDBLUM, or Who wants to find Phyllis Diller’s Stash of Coke?

    • I would upvote this a million times… or just once. But the whole upvote function is acting goofy. God bless you for a Phyllis Diller joke this early in the morning on a cold, rainy Tuesday morning.

  3. Ethan R. McDowell  |   Posted on Jun 12th, 2012 +3

    I wonder what former MTV bottom, John Norris, has to say about this…

  4. Imma git me a Scientology mug.

  5. Nic Cage’s Wheel of Furniture

  6. N’thekitchenSync

  7. Even A Celebrity’s Garbage Is Better Than You

  8. Celebrity Junk (Not That Kind)

  9. Hair-clippings and Toe-Nails.

  10. Double the Profit on Ebay.

  11. Tori Spelling is definitely going to be on this show

  12. If only Stellan & Alex Skarsgard were the host, then it could be ‘Star’s Yards with Skarsgards’

  13. Bass Fishin’

  14. Liam Neeson’s “I probably didn’t pee in these pants”

    • “Fine, I’ll take 10 dollars off the sticker price, but remember you’ll be wearing Liam Neeson’s pants.”

      • “Look why even bother coming to a yard sale if you don’t even want to wear my pants?”

        • “Right, a coffee table Jeff Goldblum screwed on goes for $150 dollars, but Oskar freaking Schindler can’t even sell his Jorts for ten measly american dollars.”

          • “You really think Darkman would pee in his Jorts? Does that even sound like something Darkman would do? I didn’t think so. Hey come back here, I’m not done selling you my unwanted items”

  15. too bad that Larry Hagman is busy with Dallas, because “Hagglin’ with Hagman” has a nice ring to it.

  16. Oh My Swap!

  17. Gone Fishin’ with Lance Bass

  18. BassHoles

  19. Ethan R. McDowell  |   Posted on Jun 12th, 2012 +1

    Tim Allen’s “Have I snorted coke off of it?”

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