Hey, girls! Did you guys see Girls last night? I did. What did you think? Don’t you wish that you could write a book and then have a party about it? Don’t you wish you had that dress Jenny Slate was wearing? Aren’t you glad you aren’t friends with any of the horrible people on that show except for Jessa, who is actually turning out to be a great character even though we kind of assumed she’d be the one we liked the least? Me too! Anyway, as we get older we will find that, generally, we have jobs and people rely on us to do those jobs reasonably well. Just a fact of life. But we will also find, as we get older, that sometimes we will let those people down. For example, I was on a bus from New York to Philadelphia this weekend and when we were in New Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia, the bus driver took a lot of weird turns and then slowly pulled into the parking lot of a mall, stopped the bus, stood up, turned to face us and asked, “Does anyone know how to get to Philadelphia?” (“DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO GET TO PHILADELPHIA.”) You know, just a completely normal tiny screw up that anyone could make when they were a bus driver leaving New York, KNOWING that they were driving to Philadelphia. Then he stopped the bus multiple times as someone had to direct him to Philadelphia because then it kind of turned out that he couldn’t drive a bus at all? Whatever! It’s fine. The point is that EVERYONE screws up at their job every once in a while, and it’s not something that you should obsess about or get too worried over. We’re all adults here. We get it. Just do your best. To illustrate that point, here is a montage of models not being able to do a great job at their job of walking.

Thanks, ladies! It happens to the best of us! We all fall down sometimes! Does anyone know how to get to Philadelphia, indeed! (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. I liked when they fell down.

  2. One time I was on a bus and at one of its 2 million stops, the driver staggered back to ask me something. His breath reeked of alcohol. Ugh, bus.

    • My favorite bus story is the time I was waiting for the greyhound in Madison and it never came, and then I started swearing really loudly (I had a midterm the next day)(College age me maybe didn’t plan things well) in front of a nun, and I ended up getting into the Twin Cities Greyhound depot at 2 am and had to have my dad pick me up since there were no buses running and also I had to maneuver with a cast and I didn’t have cash for a cab. Luckily, that driver was sober, I think.

      Also, I aced that midterm. Suck it, greyhound.

  3. To be fair to the models, oftentimes the shoes they are made to wear on the runway either do not fit correctly or are straight up lobster claw madness. That being said, ha-ha-ha. Falling is funny.

    • This is true. Also, I don’t think it’s really fair that they included the clip from America’s Next Top Model where the girl got hit by the pendulum and fell, because in the grand tradition of ANTM runway shows, it was designed to make sure someone fell (like the one where they were all on conveyor belts, or on a floating bridge runway, or walking from a fast-moving carousel onto a non-moving runway).

      • I am waiting for the ANTM runway when Tyra just starts tackling them. It’s coming, and it’ll be marvelous.

        • Totes! Oh I also forgot about the one where they all wore green bodysuits that they couldn’t see out of and the judges got really mad at Marjorie because she didn’t realize her dress had fallen down:

  4. This video made my ankles hurt.

  5. I feel that the one stuck inside a giant Cat in the Hat hat gets a pass. And so does the one who had the floor collapse underneath her, perhaps.

  6. They’re like a bunch of beautiful, clumsy baby deer.

  7. I actually like Girls. The show has it’s flaws (like hardly ever featuring Shoshanna), but it has a few shining moments that keep me interested.

    Adam’s scenes almost always make me laugh, but man, these characters are unlikeable. Shoshanna is by far the highlight of the show. Her awkwardness is quirky and amusing, whereas Hannah is so socially daft that it makes me want to punch her in the face.

    The warehouse party episode was the best of the season so far.

    • I loved the warehouse party! I like Jessa a lot, but yeah, Shoshanna is way under-utilized. Although in the beginning of the season, she was the one I cared least about.

      I never know what the think about Adam’s character, but I loved how he danced with Hannah and Tako.

      Both Hannah and Marnie not being able to tell how self-absorbed they are is terrible but accurate for self-absorbed people.

  8. I don’t think there is a show I hate more than Girls, including crap on CBS.

    • Why do you hate it? I really hope you check this thread again. I feel like the Internet has a dearth of thoughtful (and non-sexist) criticism of this show.

      • So many, MANY reasons… the main one being that it’s a terrible show. Hotspur and I had a decent discussion about it awhile ago and I’d kind of rather link to that than get into it again (mostly because I actually have to work at work today and the points he starts off with were where I would go in a diatribe) but it’s basically like this — Lena Dunham is awful. Her writing is awful, her acting is awful and she lives in a world that is so comically insular that when she tries to take a semi-common experience and tell the story of it, the end result is so incredibly awful that the few funny moments are so obviously punched up by other writers. I don’t care how she got the show, I care that she has a shit show and is getting so much praise for it… by actually funny people who have no reason to praise someone who obviously has never been given criticism in her life (beyond shallow comments on her body which is a whole other discussion).

        Lena Dunham is *so* smug and self-satisfied that it’s painfully obvious in her little creations. And it’s not satire. She’s not that smart. If you see or read her in interviews or ANYTHING, she’s actually worse than the character she plays. Kelly’s first review hits on that she’s playing a character that is exactly like her character that was actually her in Tiny Furniture. For some reason, Kelly is the only person I’ve seen even address that she has an immediate written-in disconnect that somehow shields her from criticism because she’s acting…

        But it’s beyond unrealistic. And unfunny. And not in that “mirror to 20something me living in NYC at the time and working my ass off to get to work in publishing” way but in the way that it’s garbage. It should be a web series, not a lauded HBO program that gets people like Louis CK to say it’s decent because he doesn’t want to make enemies.

        Goddamn slug people.

        • Oh, thanks. You probably won’t see this, but I do appreciate the link/recommendation of Kelly’s review, too. Since I started taking my job more seriously I have MUCH less time for Videogum.

          • (Imagine my delight when, after submitting the comment that I had apparently been working on for more than six hours, I refreshed the page to see more Girls criticism below! It’s like Christmas came six months early.)

      • I will never get tired of elaborating on why I hate this show. Here’s why: Its whole schtick is how real it is, but almost everything about it is fake. As if Lena Dunham met a poor 20something once and then from the safety of her parents’ pricey loft imagined what that girl’s life must be like.

        So you get way off-target stuff like taking cabs and having decent-sized apartments in cool parts of town and relaxing on the nice big couch. Instead of the subway, the windowless box, the going out because staying home is depressing and a waste.

        But more than just failing to get the mood, take a look at Hannah as wannabe novelist. Criminy, when I was in New York, age 23-26, I was writing a (kinda bad) novel. And a bunch of other people I met in NYC were also writing novels, stories, poems — and we all traded our stuff back and forth and drank a dumb amount of alcohol and critiqued and supported each other and talked trash. All the while I basically knew who I wanted to be as a writer (a Hunter S Thompson plus Kerouac plus Nabokov plus Melville hybrid obviously) — and I knew who the other “writers” wanted to be, too. The Italian kid who was our next Hemingway, the tall girl into Conrad, a sexy little chick who’d tell you Toni Morrison was overrated — I mean, we all had influences and strong opinions on those influences and it would come up, all the time, and not in a really boring way like I am probably making it sound. The point is that AT NO POINT DOES HANNAH RESEMBLE A REAL WOULD-BE WRITER. She doesn’t have the bare minimum number of OPINIONS that the most wishy-washy NEW YORKER I knew had, much less a New Yorker who pictures herself as a writer.

        And that is because Lena Dunham was never a would-be writer. She came from a decent amount of money and made short films and then voila, she had her own show. She never went through the years of wrestling with her identity as a writer and person that she wants us to believe Hannah is going through. And it shows.

        The Hannah character is 100% fake — and a condescendingly imagined fake, at that. And yet everyone is saying this show is “real.” Oof. It’s a real vanity project, that’s all.

        • Are any of them supposed to be poor, though? Don’t they all come from wealthy families? Or, at least–maybe in Hannah’s case–upper-middle-class families with enough disposable income to support their children in NYC? I thought it was well established that it’s a show about privileged Brooklynites.

          As for the rest of your comment, I agree, and I’d like to add that it’s ESPECIALLY unbelievable that someone as unopionated as Hannah would write personal essays. Because that’s what she is, right? Not a novelist but an essayist. And of course that brings up the point that people have to have experienced something more than hanging out, unemployed, on your parents’ money, in Brooklyn, before they can write compelling personal non-fiction.

          • They’re at least supposed to be poor enough that they don’t act like idle rich people from an Edith Wharton novel.

            The disconnect between what is portrayed and what life is actually like at that age (especially in NYC and in the portrayed industries) is jarring. Then to learn why the creator has such a terrible grasp on reality and to dig deeper into her little world of wealth and insular, echo-chambered compliments… it’s enough to make me pull my hair out. If she was in any way talented or the show wasn’t a complete tone-deaf nightmare, I wouldn’t care about her origin story. But she is totally incapable of getting out of her little reality to make anything of value and she’s continuously applauded for garbage. She needs to be stopped.

  9. One time I was at the border in Buffalo going home to Canada (Meg-eh-boose, right Canadians?) and the driver spent 2 hours trying to close the luggage hatch. His main method was “close it and see if it stays shut, repeat every 10 seconds”.

  10. Ohhhh I need a gif of that last one, Cat in the Hat full suit falling. I could LOL for days. Ah man, I feel really bad for all of their ankles (totally, catweazle) but this, I really needed this today. Thanks, LADIES!

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