In New York and Los Angeles, large groups of young people have banded together to protest one of the largest crises the world is facing at the moment: Syrian repression impossible cuts in education funding across the country lack of support for basic gay rights so many other things so many other things could go here the cancelation of MTV’s comedy series I Just Want My Pants Back. Just doing what they can to give a voice to the low-hundreds across the country who ever watched that show and the tens who will notice when it doesn’t come back. Don’t call them heros — no, just kidding. DO! Here is what they did for their protest, and it sounds exactly correct from beginning to end. Deadline:

Fans took to the network’s offices in New York and Los Angeles last Wednesday to protest the recent cancellation of the praised comedy series. They were caring some 500 pairs of jeans/pants mailed in by unhappy fans from around the country.

At both the LA and NY buildings of MTV parent Viacom that house the network’s offices, the fans were stopped by security. In LA, they were eventually escorted to the mailroom where MTV head of programming David Janollari accepted the pants, which protesters said represent the impact the show has had on them. [Ed Note: Great.] Fans also draped some of the pants over the Viacom sign and front lawn outside of the building. In New York, the pants did finally make their way to the office of MTV’s music group Van Toffler. The “save the show campaign” also includes an online petition and fans sending emails to MTV executives. Among its supporters is MTV’s Jersey Shore star Snooki.

Gabe always talks a lot about the false sense of entitlement fans of gone-too-soon television shows have, and about how he misses Dan Harmon, and etc., and I don’t want to put any words in his mouth, but I’m going to, and EVEN HE supports Snooki and the Pants Back protestors’ cause! That series? Canceled? You’ve gotta be kidding us! BRING BACK I JUST WANT MY PANTS BACK, YOU JERKS! I JUST WANT MY I JUST WANT MY PANTS BACK BACK! HIRE DAN HARMON AS THE NEW SHOW RUNNER AND LET’S FIX THIS MESS OF A WORLD ONCE AND FOR ALL!

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  1. I’ve been mailing my remote controls to MTV since 1990, hoping they’d bring back Remote Control. I hope this eventually works, since I haven’t been able to flip away from MTV for a couple of decades.

  2. “I just want my wife and kids back”

  3. PANTS! HA, who doesn’t LOVE em? Right? RIGHT.

    Anyways, I JUST WANT to go ahead and APOLOGIZE to everyone FOR THE wall of text I’M GONNA drop in the PROMETHEUS discussion. JUST FYI. Please don’t HATE ME too fucking much. AND IF you do, well FUCKIN get over it, assholes.

  4. So if “I just want my kids back” is the tagline for “Homeless Dad” does that make “I just want my pants back” the tagline for “Pantsless Dad”? Because I don’t want to watch that show.

  5. I wonder if this was MTV’s plan all along?
    Step 1: Make beloved pants-related show;
    Step 2: cancel show;
    step 3: FREE PANTS. It is beautiful in its simplicity.

  6. Shouldn’t these kids be occupying something instead of wasting pants?

  7. Put the impetus on MTV to donate those pants to a shelter. THAT’LL LEARN ‘EM. Take that corporate television America, you scumsuckers. We are 500 strong and we will not be moved. #greatestgeneration

  8. I still want Viva Variety back.

  9. in other MTV show news, Daria is on hulu plus and yes, it is as good as you remember. The only problem being that now hulu only shows me ads for Teen Wolf, because clearly 2012 MTV is the same as late-90s MTV.

  10. So 500 people, including Snooki, are now walking around without their pants? I’ll get you for this, MTV.

  11. I just want I Just Want My Pants Back back!

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