Sorry. I know I should have given you time to respond but I kind of felt like I already knew the answer. (Via CinemaBlend.)

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  1. This is relevant to my interests.

  2. I want to see this movie!

  3. Wow! What is this from? It doesn’t look like anything from Prometheus. *google image search*

    Ah! Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim. Nice!

    • Related note, Packy saw the midnight show of Prometheus and said it was really bad. :’(
      I want to see it anyway. It got 4 stars in the morning paper! What the heck!?!

      • Ebert gave it 4 stars if that makes anyone feel any better?

      • I feel like people came in with really high expectations and some were inevitably disappointed, I have not seen it yet so I could be wrong

        • I immediately identified the hype as hype right when news of Prometheus started coming out all over the internet. Tried not to let it get to me. Got REALLY hyped for a bit despite my initial instincts, but then it fizzled out again a couple weeks ago. I’ve never even seen Alien (which I will remedy at some point, relax, and yes, Prometheus isn’t an Alien film, which I think is what a lot of people are expecting, hence all the hype), so I’m just hoping Prometheus provides me with enough fun stuff to chew on for a couple days afterwards, like any normal, above average flick.

          • This is exactly how I feel. I just hope it’s a good enough, fun, atmospheric sci-fi movie. I’ve never seen Alien either (SORRY EVERYONE I’M VERY SORRY) but I plan on watching it eventually. Although, don’t know exactly how I’ll get ahold of the DVD these days…does anyone know of any Blockbusters still open?

          • Damn it all, I just typed out a comment and it disappeared. The pandemic’s struck me too! Anyway, as I tried to say….

            This is how I feel about Prometheus, KajusX. I just want it to be a decent enough sci-fi movie. If ti’s more than that, I’ll be super happy. If it’s not, I’m not going to be upset. I’ve never seen Alien either (SORRY SORRY SORRY) but I plan to. Although, don’t know exactly how I’ll get ahold of the DVD these days…anybody know of any Blockbusters still open?

          • Sure thing. ‘Decent’ is a great term for Ridley Scott in general.

            He seems to have gained this super-auteur status by his fans and such, but I’ve never personally felt that way. His movies have been decent and fine to clunky and bad.

            He did have a great one-two punch with Alien & Blade Runner, although they only gained appreciation over time, Blade Runner doing pretty poorly in the box office, and Alien getting mixed reviews but good box office. Oh. And Gladiator. 20 years later people loved Gladiator.

            Between then and now he’s made a lot of films, with a lot being visually stunning but almost always falter in the writing. His visual style is kind of what defines him. Legend, Thelma & Louise, Black Hawk Down, Hannibal, G.I. Jane, Kingdom of Heaven, American Gangster, Robin Hood, Matchstick Men, White Squall, etc. You could make an AMAZING 2:30 trailer out of most of his filmography. Great visuals.

            Same probably goes for Prometheus. It’ll hopefully be decent, and it looks amazing.

          • Oh, and btw, the scripts aren’t necessarily Scott’s fault. He’s the director. Not the writer.

      • I saw a midnight screening of Prometheus last night (LADIES), and I thought it was pretty fantastic. That said, I can definitely see why some people would dislike it. It leaves a lot to the imagination (and inevitable sequel) and the plot gets weaker and less coherent as time goes on. It’s a very ambitious movie though, and it mostly pulls it off.

        • I thought it was great! My only expectations though were “this movie looks like it will be pretty” and boy is it. It’s beautiful.

  4. Remember when white supremacists said he shouldn’t be in Thor? How do Vulcans feel about him in a space suit?

  5. In space, no one can hear String getting asked,”Where’s Wallace? Where the fuck is Wallace? Huh? Huh? String? String? Look at me! Where the fuck is Wallace? HUH!?”

  6. heyyyyyyyyy boooooooooo

  7. I am so bothered by how I can’t determine how light is working in that picture. The actual bulb to the left is casting no light? The light in the elevator shaft isn’t backlighting him? There seems to be a white light above him, but it lights his side without lighting his chest or the right side of his face? The top of the helmet (even though it’s partly in his armpit) is ultra brightly lit–but none of that bounces onto his abdomen? I don’t understand this picture and what it wants from me.

  8. I’m sorry, Slick shoes!, I can’t do that.

  9. Can WANT TO LOOK AT A PICTURE OF IDRIS ELBA be a recurring feature? It must be less time-consuming than WMOAT.

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