• Obama had a meeting with “young” “stars” — including Zach Braff — yesterday, so JIC you were still worrying about anything, feel free to stop worrying about it because it is solved. -THR
  • Videogum Movie Club Reminder: Let’s all go see Prometheus this weekend! REEEAAA! REEAAAAAA! REEEEAAAAA! Like the trailer! You get it! Let’s see it!
  • Videogum Joe Mande’s Comedy Special Reminder: Joe Mande’s special is airing on Comedy Central tonight at 10PM! It’s going to be great! He’s great!
  • Ryan Gosling attended his mother’s graduation in Canada, so sweet, just so sweet, and here is literally everything you could ever want to know about it. -Gawker
  • Peter Javidpour recut Mrs. Doubtfire as a trailer for Mrs. Doubtfire if Mrs. Doubtfire had been a horror movie and it worked pretty well! Pretty good horror movie! -BuzzFeed
  • This is a single-purpose tumblr featuring pictures of famous people with googly eyes. “OMG why didn’t I think of that.” – You. -CelebrityGoogly
  • Speaking of seeing Prometheus this weekend, The Week has posed this question: Is Prometheus even better than Alien? Well? IS IT? -TheWeek
  • Hahah, Paramount registered about a million different domains for its fourth Jackass movie, including a bunch that are the title misspelled. I don’t know if that is a standard practice for studios but it is a very funny practice and I enjoy it. -SlashFilm
  • Here’s a video of the “world’s most vertical zipline.” The actual ziplining begins around one minute in. It seems great! Let me know if you ever do this. -TheDailyWhat
  • Regardless of what you may have heard, Angelia Jolie is NOT directing a 50 Shades of Grey movie adaptation, unless she IS, which she probably ISN’T. Turn on the push notifications on your AP iPhone app so you can stay up to date. -FilmDrunk
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  1. Not gonna lie, I was actually wondering how you would spell that sound in the Prometheus trailer. In my defense, it’s nowhere near as intuitive as BRAAAAAAHM.

  2. Turk has lost weight.

  3. They tried putting googly eyes on Zooey Deschanel but her eyes actually got less googly when they did that

  4. Sorry, but I simply cannot think of ziplining anymore without thinking about South Park.
    “Shaka Bra”

  5. How did they choose those stars? Seeing as Kal Penn was the Hollywood Ambassador, I’m thinking Obama is only choosing from his Netflix Instant Queue. You are the President…you can have any star you want come to lunch!

    • Strangely enough, Kal Penn is probably the only young actor who really had any business being there in the first place, since he actually worked in the Obama administration (albeit briefly).

      On the other hand, I have no fucking idea why Jared Leto was there. Unless Obama’s really hoping for a strong push from the 30 Seconds to Mars emo crowd.

    • I think some came from Malia but where are ICarly and Phineas and Ferb?

  6. let’s all try to make jokes about each link. ready GO!

    1. i wonder if Obamacare could have saved that poor old woman in “My Old Lady”

    2. LOOK OUT! BEHIND YOU! It’s an airport shuttle cart!

    3. i can’t watch Joe Mande’s special, i’ll be busy workin on mah dreams.

    4. Ryan’s all set to hang his mom’s diploma!

    5. Mrs. Doubtfire: the Horror Movie…wasn’t that called One Hour Photo?

    6. i imagine this is nothing but pictures of Steve Buscemi and Faith Ford

    7. Prometheus: The World’s First Post-9/11 Alien Sequel

    8. I have videogerm.com videocum.com [ew!] and videogrum.com registered because you jerks are slow on the uptake

    9. yeesh, that just sounds like a rope burn waiting to happen.

    10. it’s like she’s sucking our blood twisting our arms and pinching Bella’s our nipples until Edward she let’s go and says he she’ll do it and it will feel so good when Edward she does it and it makes all the box office dollars

    • 1)”Get your hand off my ass, Braff.” –Obama
      2) “Get your hand off my onomatopoeia, Braff.” — Obama
      3) “Get your hand off my 1000th showing of that week’s Tosh.o, Braff.” — Obama
      4) “Get your hand off Gosling’s mother’s ass, Braff. Dude. Seriously.” –Obama
      5) “Get your hand off my drive-by fruiting, Braff.” –Obama
      6) “Get your hand off my tumblr of celebrities eating Big League Chew, Braff.” –Obama
      7) “Get your hand out of the open cavity in my chest that the Alien burst out of, Braff.” — Obama
      8) “Get your hand off my registration for jorkarse.com, Braff.” –Obama
      9) “No I don’t believe that’s a vertical zipline in your pocket. Also, get your hand off my ass, Braff.” –Obama
      10) “You done with that book yet?” –Obama

  7. Um, is something wrong with Zach Braff? When did he start stealing Nic Cage’s wigs?

  8. i kinda want to pull Obama aside and give him a serious Dr. Cox-esque talking to.

  9. I know the answer to the Paramount link thing!! It’s a pretty standard practice for major companies — especially film and TV and general consumer-facing groups — to buy up any common misspelling or iteration of the launching product. It lets them redirect back to the official site and keeps parody or anti-product accounts to a minimum. Some companies (one I’ve worked for, won’t name names but let’s say you can’t dress up like certain people at certain parks they own) will buy cybersquatters’ domains for a reasonable asking price and redirect things to the corporate public PR happy face / page to put counteract bad publicity and news. I’ve project managed this little endeavor a few times and it’s one of the more entertaining aspects of my old gig. I still recommend this practice of buying up similar URLs to sites I consult for now, even if I got out of the business and the groups I work for now piss off a lot less people and are generally benign… bad spelling is a common mistake and if something has a generally popular or super generic name, it’s a good way to ensure you’re getting the intended audience.


    • But if someone wanted to make a small mint, I’d suggest getting any or all of these bought domains and adding sux or sucks or istheworstmovieever and waiting for the Paramount lawyers/producers/PR types to swoop in and offer you a few thousand for the rights.

      Politicians do this too, actually, and I guess the Bush campaign had MANY URLs purchased with super hilarious names. I forget which and where you can read about it… but you guys are smart. That’s what Google is for.

    • So websites such as embarrassingmillennialliaisonsofparalleltomorrowsinmassachusetts.net would be a good example of a url for which you should buy up variations of common misspellings (probably the most urls in this instance).

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