Good news! No one has to be afraid that they’re going to die alone in a hospital either because their friends and family couldn’t be there for whatever reason, like maybe they’re all dead already, or because they alienated themselves completely from anyone who ever really loved them and are full of regret! A guy created a robot to be there with you now! Good news! From Cnet:

Chen, an artist, designer, and engineer who just graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with an MFA in Digital + Media, built the machine as one of a series of functional robots capable of reenacting human social behaviors. But just how much can a machine impart comfort and security? It’s a fascinating, complex question, and one Chen explores in his master’s thesis titled “File > Save As > Intimacy,” a study of interactions based on what he calls robotic intimacy technology (RIT).

And you’ll be happy to hear that the robot is even more depressing than you’re imagining. Let’s check it out!

#youarenotalone #youarewithme #friday (Via Geekologie.)

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  1. This is so much scarier to me than the polar bear link.

  2. Those patients weren’t terminal before that robot came along

  3. Last moment robt AKA World’s Laziest Killbot.

  4. I love robots! I can’t wait to die!

  5. I watched this without sound and that actually looks very soothing? Like everyone knows sitting in a massage chair at Brookstone isn’t the same thing as actual human touch, but it’s better than nothing, maybe. This is at least better than getting mauled by a polar bear or hit by a train, if those are the other exit options.

  6. ProTip: If you wear the clothes you plan on being buried in, your right shirt cuff will be neatly pressed.

  7. I always assumed I’d see a robot in my last moments of life, but I always thought it would be killing me.

    • I was just sitting here thinking about how cool it would be to have a mock-up of The Terminator that stands by your bed, and when it senses that you are about to die it says something like, “Terminated!” and shreds your body with a minigun.

  8. “Simulation Complete. Please exit the room and make space for the next patient.” -God

  9. robots are not comforting

  10. “If you are not yet expired, please turn the tape to side B so I can continue to comfort you”

  11. Rub Rub here, Rub Rub there

  12. stand clear of the closing gates, please.

  13. How utterly transparent. Everyone knows that robots eat old people’s medicine for fuel.

  14. kelly, remember what I said this morning? about confronting fears head on? that’s not something I prefer to do on Friday afternoons. especially the biggest one of them all.

    that’s why New Girl airs midweek. Feelings, fear of death, confronting mortality with quirky sincerity and hip references is Wednesday shit.

    i seriously feel like crying. now where’s that Jimmy Fallon ‘Call Me Maybe’ video….

  15. CTRL ALT :(

  16. My eyes went so wide when it announced the time of death that they almost rolled right out of my head and onto my lap.

  17. Why did they have to use a horrifying robot voice? Why couldn’t they have gotten some nice, maternal sounding voice actress to say those things? That way, at least if you’re in the throes of dementia/semi-unconsciousness, you might actually think that it’s a person? But the real question is WHYYYYY OH GOD WHY? I AM PRETTY FREAKED OUT BY THIS.

  18. Why can’t someone make a robot for all those other lonely moments between now and death? Maybe Bill Gates could do something useful with all that money, for once, and build me a robot husband.

  19. And then we finally meet when I’m on my death bed and he gets assigned to comfort me in my last moments. This will be the most tragic human/robot love story ever told.

  20. Is this a trailer for Beyond The Black Rainbow 2?

  21. My luck the nurse leaves the timer on too long and it rubs the skin off my forearm. And then I magically end up living another 10 years having to explain how I got injured by a robot that loved me too much.

  22. Holly Macarena Last moment robt AKA World’s Laziest Killbot

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