It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday.

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  1. I had never even heard this song till earlier this week and now it seems to be everywhere, even on my Videogum!

  2. Since the song friday is tangentially mentioned, I am required to post the link to the best Friday mashup ever created (and best use of pumpkin man dance ever):


  3. Carly Rae Jepsen looks young enough to be a student in that classroom!

  4. I want to babysit this clip on a weekly basis, is that possible?

  5. Also: ?uestloves afropic is a classroom instrument?

    • Where the HELL is the recorder (i.e. the quintessential elementary school instrument)?!

      Speaking of classroom instruments, it speaks volumes that the actual singer of this song has been relegated to playing the triangle in this clip.

      Triangle : Musical Instruments :: Jigsaw Puzzles with Only 2 Pieces : Puzzles

  6. The only time I ever hear this song is when I’m watching some video that got sent to me of other people covering this song. Which is about 10 times a week now. Moral of the story: LET IT DIE, PEOPLE! And not just maybe.

  7. i would like to see them cover Max Harris’ “High”

  8. Late Night needs more kazoos. There, I said it.

  9. I have never heard the original, but if it involves xylophones and kazoos, i am totally down with it.

  10. I refuse to listen to the original because THIS is how it’s done.

    The guy on the congas head bobbing is the best. It’s all the best. I wish The Roots would adopt me.

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