After some nerd on the Internet got mad that Mark-Paul Goselaar dared to be halfway honest about a garbage show for children from 100 years ago, now he’s talking about how proud he’s always been. Stand your ground, my main man! Nostalgia’s for suckers! Breaking Bad returns July 15th!

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  1. Saved by the Bell did open the door for many other shitty sitcoms. So there is that.

    • The way I see it: If Saved by the Bell had never been, then chances are Elizabeth Berkley would never have been considered for that hot mess Showgirls, which would be terrible on its own because that movie is cramazing, but since the movie Burlesque is the lovechild of Showgirls and Coyote Ugly, Burlesque might cease to be, as well! It’s like an “Its a Wonderful Life” of pop culture. Don’t wish for change Mark Paul Goselaar! You suffered so Burlesque may thrive!

      Although without Saved by the Bell, Screetch would never have had a sex tape. It’s a tough call.

  2. Too bad Zack only had the power to freeze time, not turn it back. (Cher snagged that one.)

  3. More like Mitt-Romney Goselaar! I’m politically relevant?

  4. This whole thing is eerily similar to the character arc of the Zack Attack Friends Forever documentary narrated by Casey Kasem.

  5. More like Mark-Paul Backpedalaar.

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