I’m sure she’s fine! Listen, I’m sure she’s fine. Kids bounce back. Touch the stove once and then you never touch the stove again. You know? You know what they say. Smoke the whole pack of cigarettes and then never want to have a cigarette again. You have to fall (off of your rocking horse while your parents are filming you even though they’re out of the room for some reason, to the delight of thousands of strangers) to fly. I’m sure she’s fine! She’s fine. She’s great. (Via TastefullyOffensive.)

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  1. “If you believe in yourself, you will know how to ride…” only applies to bikes, apparently.

  2. I can’t tell if that kid is crazy or just off her rocker.

  3. That’s what happens when you’re……..horsing around

  4. Time to make a call…

  5. Her parent’s never should have bought a rocking horse at Christopher Reeve’s yard sale.

  6. What is the infant equivalent of FUUUUUUUU?

  7. Rock on, kid, rock on.

  8. looks like her baby teeth will be gone early.

  9. In all fairness, he did tell her not to move. If only she had listened.

  10. Kids Fall Off The Darndest Things.

  11. Hardcore. Total future X Games contestant.

  12. Not even close to 8 seconds. Kid’s gotta lot of work to do before she’s ready for bull-riding.

  13. I bet dad wishes he’d gone with his first instinct instead of Sawed Off Rocking Horse and gotten her Bag O’ Glass instead.

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