• Have you guys picked up season two of Game of Thrones on DVD yet? Oh you soooooo should. Just for the cover art alone, you know. V. good cover art. -Neatorama
  • Here’s the animate short that accompanies Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom that we talked about briefly last week. Great! What a treat! -EW
  • And for those of you who would also like to read a review of Moonrise Kingdom, to accompany your accompanying animated short, here you go! From FilmDrunk! -FilmDrunk
  • Barak Obama kind of made an accidental oral sex joke at a fundraiser in San Fransisco last night. Haha. Oops! Oops, Mr. President! That’s what she said Mr. President! -Mediaite
  • Here is a supercut of Mike O’Malley from Nickelodeon’s Guts saying, “Spill your guts.” If you’re into that. Which you might be! Which would be fine. We all have to get through our days. -RatsOff!
  • Similarly (kind of), here is a Mr. Rogers mashup brought to you by John D. Boswell and PBS. “The first in a series that will pay homage to our childhood icons.” -TheDailyWhat
  • Robert Pattinson had an argument with Adele at a party about fame, and it sounds like a great argument. If only we had all been there to hear this argument between Adele and Robert Pattinson. -Movieline
  • Hey guys, if you were wondering whether Jada Pinkett Smith eats for fuel or pleasure, well, wonder no more! I’ve got the answer for you right here! No need to thank me! You’re welcome! -Dlisted
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  1. I did not at all understand what that fight between Adele and R.Pattz was supposed to be about? Like, whether or not you can go unrecognized in a crowd? I genuinely did not understand what the hell he was talking about. (This is maybe because I skimmed the interview just looking for that part.)

    • I think it’s about Pattinson being a reluctant star and just generally not wanting to play the role of someone in a huge franchise

      • Gotcha. I which case, WOOPS R.Pattz! Too late! (He’s been griping about this for like A MILLION YEARS. We get it. You didn’t want this. Blah blah blah. Shut up.)

  2. The original link says San Francisco (even though the CNN clip they posted clearly says Los Angeles) but Obama was definitely in LA yesterday. I know this because I got stuck in #obamajam traffic. I think he was in town to fire that cop Amanda Bynes tweeted him about, and he stopped at a fundraiser while he was here.

  3. [I wrote a comment about the fact that Obama was actually in LA not SF as the original article mistakenly wrote and that he was here to fire the cop that Amanda Bynes tweeted him about but the system wouldn't let me post my comment for some reason so here you go guys.]

    • Aw, I’m sure it was a very good comment, and we’ll all see it one day when we go to comment heaven. It’s up there dancing around to Krispy Kreme’s best jams with all the other comments that have vanished today.

      • Thanks, Summer. I’m definitely not ready to die today, per se, but when the day comes I’ll take comfort in knowing that I’ll be reunited with my lost comment and maybe surrounded by monsters (maybe in a church like at the end of the TV show Lost) and I’ll punch you all in the shoulders and say “See? SEE? Remember that Obama/Amanda Bynes joke I told you about that one time?” and we’ll all LAUGH and laugh and laugh.

  4. why has no one mentioned how even more awesome Game of Thrones would be if Thor stumbled into Westeros? seriously, could he have all the sex scenes with everyone?

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