Yo, for real though! Streets is dreaming. (Via Slacktory.)

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  1. Clear eyes, runny noses, can’t lose.

  2. I was expecting a donut.

  3. Well, I already have the sitting home alone thing down. At this rate, I will be batman in no time!

  4. If you work for your dreams, you might some day have as many as 400 cars.

  5. Catch your dream and shackle it to your heart
    Catch your dream, don’t let it spread its wings and fly away
    Catch your dream, don’t ever let the quittin’ start
    You gotta catch your dream and shackle it to your heart

  6. Seeing people cry and speak from the heart always makes me a little uncomfortable. I wonder what the backstory of this video is? What could possibly have happened to him right before he made this to make him create this work of damp inspiration?

  7. It’s much easier for me to imagine you as an astronaut than a rapper, Krispy Kreme, and you’re already a rapper. So I’d say go for the moon.

  8. even though he was going to stay home and work on his dreams, Krispy Kreme really wanted to be invited to that party, Josh. He might say “No thanks, Im’a be at home workin on my dreams,” but it would still be nice to be invited.

  9. If you can’t be as smart as an astronaut, be as rich as one.

  10. He would have just stayed home to work on his dreams anyway, but Krispy Kreme really wanted to be invited to that party, Josh. He would have said, “No thanks, I’m'a stay home and work on my dreams,” but it would have been nice just to have been invited.

    *ps. my comments are just not showing up on the boards. this has happened before and its like I want to be tinkerbell, but a glitch is being all Disney World about it.

  11. I found this video to be most inspirational.

    Whoops. Sorry. I meant moist. Moist inspirational.

  12. what if my goals and dreams are alcohol, drugs, other stuff and getting a girl pregnant?

    • What if my dreams involve dinosaur uprisings and zombie attacks and being the target of a hit put on my by a nursing home and then all my teeth fall out and I am somehow pregnant? Does that just mean i should try meth?

  13. Oh man, this kid is just the best for so many reasons.

  14. I am not comfortable with making fun of this.

  15. Rich Juzwiak has a weepy Southern cousin?

  16. I’m not sure which I like more; the videos he makes where it’s quite obviously a joke, or ones like these where he walks the line between funny and pseudo-serious. Either way, he’s a hoot.

  17. I’m pretty glad the government shut down the space program before he got involved in it.

    I can’t wait for Will Ferrell to play Mr. Kreme in his biopic (Lifetime, natch).

    Good speech!

  18. it might be the fact that i have a thing for southern/country accents but i thought the video was cute. and kudos to him being brave enough (although some might say stupid enough) to post that vid of him crying and attempting being inspirational.

  19. Martin Luther Kreme Jr.

  20. all this dream talk has made me sleepy.

  21. Now all I want to do is rock out to Boston Kreme Pie’s “More Than a Filling”

  22. I was told there would be rapping.

  23. I have a running argument with my brother about whether Krispy Kreme is playing a character or not, I have no idea whether this proves me right of wrong.

  24. My favorite part about this is the list of tags, taken out of context. It’s like Ron Swanson writing on his typewriter (though he would NEVER use the word “vlog” in any permutation).

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