Daniel Tosh and Rob Dyrdek are in a clip show host war! On-air insults! Tweets! May the both men lose!

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  1. As a birthday present to myself, I am going to not click this link. Instead, I will daydream about having tea with Helen Mirren. Delightful.

    No offense to Gabe or his sacrifice in reading this, but come on, it’s Tosh and Dyrdek. You can’t ask that of me, not today.

    • One of the things that those lousy shows demonstrate is just how hard it is to do a good clip show. Joel McHale’s The Soup is hit-and-miss, but it is clearly so much better than any of the other of these types of shows.

      If I were King of All Television, I’d make a Delahaye/Silvestri clip show to replace both those guys. C’mon Hollywood, do it. You’re leaving money on the table!!

  2. Coming out of honest ignorance here: what did this Dyrdek guy do to get him compared with Daniel Tosh? Apart from having roughly the same job.

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