You probably think that life is hard for most people but that it’s not that hard for 15-year-old girls who want to dress up like Tinkerbell and go to Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. Well let me tell you, life IS hard for most people, but it’s ESPECIALLY hard for 15-year-old girls who want to dress up like Tinkerbell and go to Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. April Spielman spent two hours putting on her makeup and another hour putting on her makeup, which really seems like a bit too much time to dedicate to this thing even if you DIDN’T get stopped at the gates and forced to change clothes, but also she is a 15-year-old girl so what else was she going to do? Go to school? Work? Please. So you can only imagine how heartbreaking it was to be told she had to change out of her costume. So heartbreaking. Life is tough. Eventually you learn that it’s just one painful loss after another. First they make you change clothes at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the next thing you know your mortgage is underwater and you need your elderly father to be the guarantor on your studio apartment at the age of 39, and the next thing you know you’ve been out of work for 23 months and you’ve stopped even trying to find work, and the next thing you know your only child disappears on what should have been a routine trip to Fort Lauderdale for spring break, and the next thing you know you’re lying in a hospice bed staring up at the ceiling tiles and trying to remember your mother’s name. But it starts with the Tinkerbell costume. Always.


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  1. Future Cosplayers of America: It gets better. Or terribly, terribly worse. I guess the jury is still out on that one.

  2. “We contacted Disney for comment, but they referred us back to their written statement and declined to comment further. WFLA-TV will continue to monitor this situation as in unfolds.

    Oh… and a ton of civilians were killed in Syria, the international economy is crumbling and our country continuing to spiral into a tailspin of divisiveness that threatens us into a state of political catatonia”

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  4. Thank goodness she took a picture of herself pouting about this so the news could use it in their story about her not getting to be sparkly in a specific place for a few hours.

  5. This happened to us a few years ago. Disney barred my entire family from the park because they claimed we looked too much like Uncle Remus.

  6. What is it with 15-year-old white dudes getting those big-ass tribal earrings? You broke character. Seeing those made me not believe you were really Peter Pan!

  7. If she’s like this now, I can’t even imagine how she’s going to react when she finds out her boyfriend is gay.

  8. Um, why would you want to go dressed up as Tinker Bell to Animal Kingdom? The Magic Kingdom is clearly the more appropriate park for Peter Pan & Tink. They should’ve gone as Timon and Pumba at Animal Kingdom. Duh. DUH. C’mon kids. Get your costumes APPROPRIATELY THEMED, PLZ.

  9. “Park officials provided Spielman and her boyfriend — who was dressed as Peter Pan — with a free set of replacement clothing, FastPasses for their whole family so they could skip to the front of all ride lines, and additional assistance throughout their stay.”

    Okay, knowing this part makes her tears a bit more over-the-top. They didn’t kick her out, they gave her a lot of free stuff. Life sucks.

  10. I’m just glad there wasn’t any Youtube when I was this young and idiotic.

    I’m also glad I had the presence of mind not to cry on regional news broadcasts.

  11. Why didn’t I learn that watching a 15-year-old’s dreams get crushed could make so very happy until today?

    I’m going to back to school to become a guidance counselor!!

  12. I just thought of the perfect solution. If you absolutely must cosplay in a theme park, make it a non-Disney character, e.g. Walter White. At least a certain percentage of your dreams will come true then.

    No need to thank me, just doing my part.

    • True story: yesterday my parents told me they really wanted to go to the desert in a big Winnebago… just like Hal did. I told them to have fun, but I would not join them as I am rather certain if Imwent to the desert I would most certainly die.

      Now I know we were all talking about the amazing episode of Malcolm in the Middle in which the family goes to Burning Man, but I went to bed thinking that the very same conversation could be applied to Breaking Bad. And in either scenario, my instincts about me dying in the desert are absolutely correct.

  13. Everything about my girlfriend’s response to this is completely legitimate and justified and not over the top at all. Didn’t I look great as Peter Pan?

  14. Gabe, I think you just wrote the spoiler-heavy jacket copy for “The Death of Neverland.”

  15. I think it’s relatively common knowledge that the only time you are allowed to cosplay as a Disney character at the park is Halloween…

    Something about this overreaction just rubs me the wrong way (even before I found out that Disney was awesome to her and her family and gave them tons of free stuff).

    • I think I pinpointed what initially rubbed me the wrong way (and does even more after finding out she got handouts). It’s just reeking of entitlement. It’s not like she would never be able to go to again right? She could have just gone back to the hotel or whatever (I admit I didn’t watch the video) and changed and gone right back…

  16. Kristen Stewart must be so jealous of how hard this girl’s life is. I bet she’d trade all her Twilight fame and fortune to know what it feels like to have things this hard.

  17. I go a lot of places as The Man With a Giant Boner in his pants.

    They never let me in either, but I don’t bitch about it.

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