• The Lab has an excerpt from an interview Bryan Cranston did with Nicolas Winding Refn, mostly about Drive, and it’s a worthwhile read both because it is a pretty small excerpt and because we like both of those guys. Great! -TheLab
  • Similarly, kind of, Pete Holmes interviewed Jenny Slate on his podcast You Made It Weird, and it is a very long interview but it is also worth listening to because it is great and those guys are great and I recommend it. -Nerdist
  • The HBO store is selling a life-sized replica of some awful chair from Game of Thrones for $30,000. Perfect. Just in time for Father’s Day! -HBO
  • Here is a video of a man dressed as spiderman proposing to his girlfriend after “beating up” a bunch of “thugs” that were messing with her. It seems like it would have been confusing! But I guess it wasn’t! -TheDailyWhat
  • A writer from Time said Snow White and the Huntsman was a “triumph of feminist storytelling” and a writer from FilmDrunk says that it is not. A real those guys said/those guys said! -FilmDrunk
  • Variety had the character of Schmidt from New Girl write letters to other TV characters. It’s something! -Variety
  • The Hollywood Reporter’s coverstory this month is a piece about Christina Hendricks and the character Joan. (How she came to play Joan, how she feels about her, etc.) It’s good! Read it, if you want to! -TheHollywoodReporter
  • Here is a video essay about Wes Anderson’s favorite New York movies. They’re ALL his own, jk. -Flavorwire
  • And finally, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are going to get married. Congratulations to the lucky couple. -Dlisted
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  1. I like Schmidt as a character, but I don’t understand why he is everywhere I look outside of his respective medium/fake TV universe. Fine, he’s the most dynamic of that group and THANK CHRIST the Zooey Deschanel character isn’t singing songs to other TV characters in Variety or knitting them bike cozies… but do we really need this much hype for this show in this manner? It’s an ensemble comedy for a reason. I’d much rather see the gruff angry bartender guy get some magazine time.

    I’m just reaching Schmidt over exposure and it’s bugging me because I like the character a lot and I like the show okay.

    • He is truly on his way to being the Steve Urkel of the 2010s.

    • I could already tell by the end of the season, his character was getting far more material than the rest of the cast. They need to take a page out of Happy Ending’s book, where they truly found a great formula to ensure there isn’t one stand-out character from the ensemble. I fear Schmidt’s shtick is going to get played out long before the new season even starts.

  2. This Miley Cyrus thing is going to be a colossal cluster. It makes me want to tear my hair out just thinking about how much we’re going to be seeing it all over the damn place. Gale, WTF, are you doing? Thor, can’t you talk some sense into your brother? Gah.

    Very good job on the ridiculous “Feminist Triumph” review, FilmDrunk. What a bunch of bologna, Time.

    • Haha. This is the first time I realized that Chris and Liam Hemsworth weren’t the same person. I kept wondering what Thor was doing with Miley Cyrus. Goodness, I’m terrible at the celebrity name game. I also thought the same actress played Katniss and Susan from the chronicles of Narnia. It took seeing Jennifer Lawrence as a blonde to clear it up.

      • Haha, that’s completely understandable as they do have the same last name and look very similar. Thor is actually married already to some non-famous actressperson. They just had a baby. I just realized I know way more about this than I thought and it’s a little worrisome. Why do I know so much about this?

        Susan from Chronicles of Narnia needs to be in more things!

  3. Well, shit. That Spiderman proposal is super embarrassing, but I’ll still accept it, guys. I feel like it’s kinda more for your benefit than mine, but a ring’s a ring, I guess.

    • Yes, thanks Honey, for your very personal and well thought out proposal. You definitely took into account all the things that I love and enjoy, and the things that we enjoy as a couple and incorporated them into this proposal. No way did you just decide you wanted to live out some fantasy to dress up like Spiderman and save your lady. Nope. You’re just really thoughtful and knew that MY dream proposal was Spiderman themed.

      (I watched this without sound and so if it turns out that he said something like, “We met on the Spiderman ride at Universal and came together due to our shared love of the Webslinger, so this is actually very appropriate,” I apologize to that guy. Congrats.)

  4. On the topic of Jenny Slate’s episode of You Made It Weird w/ Pete Holmes– I’m subscribed and listen to this batshit podcast every week, and have occasionally balked a bit at the episodes’ lengths getting longer and longer as the show matures (the interview with Slate I believe is the longest one so far, clocking in at 2:29:22). I don’t mind long shows, I’m just subscribed to a lot of podcasts already and I have quite a backlog of stuff I want to listen to.

    But YMIW’s longer episodes have undeniably been enjoyable, and I am 1:11:22 into Jenny’s, and it is crazy bananas. It’s really making my work day zip by. So listen to it, guys. I’ve never gotten this much concentrated Jenny late before. She’s great (no duh)!

  5. so HBO can make a 30k iron throne but they can’t make us Robert Baratheon crown replicas to wear while we get drunk?

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