Life is a many funny things. (Via GrayDongdorian via Gynomite.)

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  1. Cookie Monster makes so much sense now.

  2. Do I detect a layer of hungry evil in the face of this young Chicken Man?

  3. Ethan R. McDowell  |   Posted on Jun 6th, 2012 +1

    talk about Los Pollos Hermanos…


  5. Me one who knocks.

  6. “Jesse, Big Bird is a confirmed six years old. SIX. I thought you wer’t oenkay with using kids…”

  7. Man, I wish this was the caption contest picture. Giancarlo Es-BUTT-sito, amiright??

  8. I love it when people I like have appeared on Sesame Street in the early ’80s! Speaking of people I like who have appeared on Sesame Street in the early ’80s (such a good segue way), I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to hunt down a duo of Sesame Street episodes from the early ’80s on which my mom played a police officer.

    My dad’s uncle was working on Sesame Street at the time and somehow got my mom cast as a uniformed police officer for two episodes. Apparently she was still sporting her pretty badass afro, and she’s 5’1″, so you know, she was just a very believable, authoritative police officer.

    She told me about this bit part when I was in high school, and I tried for a while to figure out how to find them,. but I finally gave up.

    • This may be a stupid suggestion, but is there any chance she’d be in IMDB?

      • That’s not a bad suggestion, but unfortunately she is not in there, as these two appearances are the only thing she’s ever done, and it was through her Uncle-in-Law, so it’s safe to say the whole process was really low-key and mostly undocumented.

        If my mom’s memory wasn’t so shoddy she could tell me the exact year. I did know the time span my great uncle worked on Sesame Street, but I forget currently. Thankfully, he is on imdb.

    • is your mom Pam Grier?

  9. The muppet in the middle is on “Breaking Bad” ?
    I gotta start watching this show !

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