• Aubry Plaza participated in the most recent addition of Nerve’s sex advice column. She didn’t give any sex advice, but she DID say that she wished strangers would come up to her and kiss her on the mouth. So. -Nerve
  • The Critic’s Choice Award nominations were announced today, and all of the critic’s choices are pretty good! If that means anything to anyone! Which I’m not sure that it does! -WarmingGlow
  • Joe Mande’s comedy special airs on comedy central this weekend and it’s going to be great. Here’s a preview of it!  Get psyched. For this comedy special. -ComedyCentral
  • French animator and graphic designer Martin Woutisseth has created Tim Burton: A Filmography, which is an animated look at a bunch of Tim Burton’s films. It’s cool, ESPECIALLY if you like Tim Burton. If you don’t like Tim Burton then probably it will not be very cool and you shouldn’t watch it. -LaughingSquid
  • Here is a supercut of all of Tyrion Lannister’s best quips from season two of Game of Thrones. Stuff like, “You don’t even know how to play the Game of Thrones.” And, “Throw me a frickin’ game of BONES here.” Remember those funny quips? -TheDailyWhat
  • The Week would like to explain why Hatfields & McCoys is now the second most-watched cable program in history, which is great because WHAT?, so please pay attention to it so you can explain it to your friends who definitely aren’t even going to pretend they care about what you’re saying. -TheWeek
  • Scout Willis, Bruce Willis’s daughter, got arrested for something that is really none of our business, but knowing that Bruce Willis’s daughter is named Scout after the character in To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my fave facts to tell people whenever it comes up. So. Did you know?? -Dlisted
  • And, finally, Louis CK is going to be in Woody Allen’s next movie. How about it! -FilmDrunk
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  1. I don’t have a link or anything, but I DO want to point out to everybody that, as I was cleaning out my desk in preparation for my upcoming desk move, I finally found the key to lock the drawers. Turns out it was IN the top drawer the whole time! So I’m pretty psyched about that.

  2. The Joe Mande special will be followed by a Garfunkel and Oates special, both very special

  3. Tyrion really is the Don Draper of Westeros, isn’t he?

  4. concerning critics choice awards, and all other awards, i am confused as to why John Slattery is always nominated for awards and Vincent Kartheiser is not, when I think he has a much more difficult role to play.

  5. Aubrey Plaza wants me to come up to her and — out of nowhere — slap her, manhandle her and then kiss her on the mouth. Yeah right, Aubrey and the New York Police Department. I’m not falling for this one again.

  6. Meanwhile, it’s impressive that Atticus Stallone manages to fly under the radar with dignity.

  7. There’s a “Rumer has it” joke to accompany the Scout Willis news, but my brain is fried today.

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  9. I know a girl named Scout Finch. Just put that together. ABOYOIYOIYOIYIIIIING – the sound my brain just made.

  10. The ad they keep showing for the Joe Mande special on Comedy Central has a snippet of a joke about the first person to drink milk. Not to be “that guy”, but it sounds a lot like a joke Sarah Silverman told on her show (the episode where she licks her dog’s butt hole). Is this a conversation even worth re-hashing? Joke retelling versus stealing? I doubt he stole it – but has no one else in his circle of comedian friends seen Sarah’s show? Heard that bit? I might be off track. Am I off track?

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