People often talk about how exciting and wonderful it is that technology is so readily and affordably available to everyone to express themselves and find their audience, and this song and the accompanying music video is exactly what they are talking about! 10 years ago we never would have known about the first single from DPT Productions but now the world knows and the world loves it. Congrats to DPT. Congrats to Al Gore. Congrats to your next barbecue. Church? Church.

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  1. OK, but who do they support in the Mexican elections?

  2. So this is that One Direction I keep hearing about

  3. “I don’t even wanna know your name, I just want to see your face while your legs shake”

    Huh. With sweet lines like that, I’m very baffled as to why the sweet singer at the beginning of the video has to ask “What I gotta do?” (to spend the night.) You guys are having trouble getting laid HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

  4. I can’t wait to see what Gwyneth tweets about from their next show!!

  5. Real question — Which one is Chad? Is there a Chad? Chad is my favorite.

  6. Guess the Hispanic guy was out sick that day.

  7. This filled me with hate. I’m glad I watched to the last couple of seconds, though, because that kind of redeemed it? It made these guys seem like they are probably not as stupid and no-class as they are pretending to be, anyway.

    Although that opens up a whole new can of hate worms. Why is stupid and no-class the goal? How did this happen?

  8. nice puka shells bro.

  9. This is what happens when you don’t give LFO the attention they deserve.

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  11. that asian dude, understandably, sounded so asian.

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