The first official still of Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor for a Lifetime biopic doesn’t even feature trembling hands or throaty arguments with harried police officers. Maybe she pulled it off!! Or maybe it’s just a still photo and can’t depict those things! Only Lifetime will tell.

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  1. are we sure this isn’t a still from True Blood?

  2. Uh, that picture is photoshopped to hell, because this is the mess that Dlisted posted of her yesterday.

    “Liz Taylor” go boom.

  3. How did they get all of her freckles to converge on one spot like that?

  4. I think we should arrange to have a pizza party while watching this, drinking copious amounts of the beverage of our choice. Who knows, maybe it won’t be bad. But oh god I am hoping for cramazing trainwreck.

    • I’m skipping the pizza and drinking scotch on an empty stomach, just like Liz and Dick would have wanted.

      • I might wander around dimly-lit gambling halls, giving away my earrings to down on their luck gamblers with the sultry promise that they have always given me luck. Seeing as how my earrings are mostly stainless steel posts, it might be slightly less impressive than giganormous diamonds.

    • “Who knows, maybe it won’t be bad.” Legit LOL.

      It will be amazingly bad. Lifetime movies are the best worst. “Drew Peterson: Untouchable”? “The Perfect Nanny” (My personal favorite, infact, all the “The Perfect…” (Nanny, Assistant, Roommate, etc) are amazing), “Mother, My I Sleep With Danger?” (Can’t go wrong with Tori Spelling, amirite?), “My Stepson, My Lover” (No explanation required), “Pregnancy Pact”…

      I watch a lot of Lifetime :-(

    • If you’re not drinking or trying to recover from the effects of drinking while watching a Lifetime movie, you’re not doing it right.

      Count me IN.

  5. Wait, are they making a Liz Taylor vampire movie? Do I have to be on Team Dick? Is there another team I can choose? I’d really like any other team, please.

  6. BUtterfield 8-Ball

  7. If we taught her a skill like typing or welding, would she consider another line of work?

  8. Well, at least they nailed the eyebrows.

  9. Y’know how like, EVERYONE (Rosie O’Donnel, Liz’s kids) was pissed that LiLo was cast as Liz? Don’t they know this is just a LIfetime movie? Don’t they know only two people watch Lifetime movies? Your divorced aunt and lilbobbytables? What is the big deal?

    Were they this pissed when Rob Lowe was cast as that serial killer? ROB LOWE LOOKS NOTHING LIKE DREW PETERSON! ROB LOWE IS AN ADULTERER! IT IS AN AFFRONT TO DREW PETERSON’S MEMORY!

    Maybe they’re just mad she’ll be using this lucrative cable movie money to buy more drugs? #justsaynoLiLo

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