Looks like somebody needs a BUTT redemption. (Via WorldWideInterweb.)

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  1. Gerard Buttler.

    Am I doing this right?

  2. Now she has 2 assholes. #sorry

  3. Why would anyone get a douche like Tosh tattooed on their butt when you can hold out out for a Jeff Dunham?

  4. Daniel Tush.

  5. Hahahaha a tattoo with an erroneous apostrophe!!

  6. At least she picked an appropriate spot for a piece of shit.

  7. Good thing she went with Tosh, because without facial features it’s hard to depict a bowl of rancid oatmeal in the tattoo medium. Need’s eyes.

  8. Jen hate’s herself.

  9. Talk about butthurt.

  10. put your dumb here and here

  11. Correction, Daniel Tosh is a butt tattoo

  12. And now Daniel Tosh’s image is splashed by fecal matter on a daily basis. Is that not worse than being burned in effigy?

  13. a blog that makes fun of stupid things people do on the internet has a picture of a woman’s butt with a tattoo of a guy who makes fun of stupid things people do on the internet.

  14. daniel tosh i love you love is forever want to poop next to your face fan love you

  15. Also, very very good work, Mr. Artist:

  16. “Seriously thought everyone was gonna be like, ‘Jen, you hilarious genius!”’ -Jen

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