• Magic Mike poster, you guys. -Dlisted
  • Oooh, here’s a fun game. Ok, think of the best idea you could ever possibly think of. Ok. Do you have it in your head? Are you thinking of making the movie The Expendables into a TV show? Oh wow you got it dingdingdingdingding! -Deadline
  • The bigamists from the show Sister Wives are not going to be charged with bigamy, just FYI. In case you were keeping up with that story. -AP
  • Slumdog Millionaire is possibly going to be made into a musical, but they’re running into some difficulties/exploitation logistics, etc. Really everyone in Hollywood should just focus on getting the Austin Powers musical up and running before anything else, I think. -THR
  • Here’s an interview with our own Joe Mande, who recently got a job writing for Parks and Recreation. Great! -Splitsider
  • In OTHER non-Bridesmaids awful teacher news, here is a news report about a teacher who gave a little girl a “Catastrophe Award,” because some teachers are just miserable. -Abroath
  • Aww, this is a little sad. MTV did an interview with Vanilla Ice where he acted as if he knew some secret stuff about the new TMNT, and also as if he is going to be IN the new TMNT movie. -FilmDrunk
  • Awww, this is sweet. Watch a little two-year-old boy with a new cochlear implant hear his mom’s voice for the first time. -TheDailyWhat
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  1. The comments on the story about the girl getting the Catastrophe Award are really horrifying.

    • I mean, let’s get real here, though. First she doesn’t protect her cookie money, then she doesn’t turn in her homework?

    • In 6th grade our teachers did something similar giving every single kid an individual award based on what defined them – Charismatic, Problem Solver, Comedy, etc.

      Anyway, all I really remember now are what two (admittedly pain in the ass) girls received: the whiny got the “Can I Have That? Award” and the other (slightly overweight) one was given, I shit you not, the “Likes Candy Award.”

      I imagine years of trying to control and teach middle schoolers every day can take you to a dark place, but that one still sticks with me.

    • There are definitely some mean spirited comments there, and one in particular which goes above and beyond the context of the story. Having said that, this little award isn’t really a big deal, right? Do people now believe that a jokey award based on a girl’s actual poor code of conduct is some kind of abuse?

      Calling children out on their bad habits might inspire them to change their behavior. I mean, it MIGHT inspire a negative change, but if the girl is already coasting or failing, maybe that risk is worth some creative effort at getting a different response out of her? There just seems to be a huge divide between this fake award and a teacher slapping a student in the face.

  2. Obligatory:

    Also, it would be great if Gabe or Kelly would go see Magic Mike and recapped it. Just saying.

  3. I hope Joe can take one for the team in LA sometime

  4. I can’t even handle the toddler video! So good. TOO good. I want to eat him up!!

  5. Re: the last link, you should listen to the “First Contact” episode of This American Life about someone’s experience with cochlear implants. Just pretty interesting:


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