In brightest day, in blackest night, beware his power, Green Lantern’s gay. #SomeHomo

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  1. Ugh. Of course they chose the superhero who likes to accessorize…

  2. Last Danzig joke of the week.

  3. Green Lantern is the new Pink Lantern is the new Black Lantern

  4. Aquaman heard that DC was making this announcement and was nervously sweating this out all day.

  5. And to be specific, all the hype was about a new version of the Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott (not the Silver Age Green Lantern Hal Jordan played by Ryan Reynolds in the awful movie) who is from a parallel Earth called Earth 2 which was originally the DC Universe until DC revamped all of their heroes in the 1960s (the Silver Age) and gave them science powers instead of magic powers and all the Golden Age DC heroes were actually comic book characters the Silver Age heroes knew about and then they became real which was Earth 2.

    And now they’re trying to do it all again now that they’ve rebooted their comics (because that makes perfect sense), and this is where they’ve decided to put their new, headline-grabbing gay character.

    I HATE DC. Trying to appease fans to the detriment of everything else since 1961.

    • This seems a little weird. Like, making a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT about it when other comic characters have been openly gay for ages. Marvel has had Mystique and Destiny and Nothstar as openly GLBT since the 90s (feel free to correct me if I am wrong, other comic fans!). I mean, obviously I am all for inclusivness and am for a greater GLBT presence in culture and comics, but this seems a little pandering.

      Of course, nothing can ever please me and I am a curmudgeon, so maybe I am just a jerk.

      • You are correct, lilbobbyTABLES?! What?! I always thought it was lilbobbyTALES. I’ve been reading your name wrong for ages! Oh my god, er- anyway. Yes. It is pandering.

        Obama and Biden did their thing, and DC was like, “Let’s get this going. Who we got? Who we got?” and Marvel went “Who we got we can now marry?” (because that was actually the announcement, not that Obama is aware of gay people, end of announcement), and it all is riding the talking point wave.

        Batwoman, Northstar, Mystique & Destiny, Apollo & Midnighter (who are awesome in their original ‘The Authority’ series, not DC’s new one), X-Force’s/Factor’s Rictor & Shatterstar, the Young Avenger’s Hulkling & Wiccan, etc etc, are all GLBT characters. There are more.

        But the funniest/weirdest thing is that ARCHIE COMICS introduced their gay character Kevin Keller in 2010 and he got married in ARCHIE long before any Presidential announcement was made. ARCHIE. Yeah.

      • It actually wasn’t a huge announcement. It was more like “btw he’s also assuming the part of his son from before the reboot who was gay, so he’s gay now.” And everyone else made a big deal about it.

        • I had to google that. The character’s name is Obsidian. I don’t know if DC decided they would make Alan Scott gay because his son was in their previous continuity. That seems weird.

          • I also wanted to quickly add that I actually cannot say definitively that DC made a big deal about the announcement, as I don’t think I ever read their actual announcement. The media is always what makes a big deal out of every little thing. The companies can just put out a little press release and see if it gains traction.

          • According to the writer, while he was working on the reboot, he was sort of upset by the fact that Obsidian was gone (mostly because Alan and the rest are now a lot younger, basically 20 somethings instead of being that age in WWII), and that sort of led him to “why can’t Alan be gay?” So, he pitched it, they accepted it. Then later, the big honcho (Didio) made an off hand comment (probably when someone asked about diversity) that there was going to be a character reintroduced and would be gay now. The press sort of made the big deal about it, and had like tons of stories trying to parse the few ‘statements’ that DC made about “who is it going to be?” and stuff like that.

            Mostly, the Earth 2 JSA were made in the 1940′s, so all the characters were straight white guys, with a couple token ladies thrown in the mix. So, since they are starting over, they are going to change some genders, change some people to be non-white, etc, because why not? No one really “grew up” with the JSA, since they’ve never had cartoons or movies based on them. Of the people they can really change (since they are already taking them out of World War II and deaging them by about 50 years) they shouldn’t have a ton of people that don’t read comics complaining about ruining ‘their favorite character’, despite the fact they would never buy a comic with that character in it regardless of the changes to it.

  6. Thousands of comic book geeks battle feelings of dismay, repulsion and curiosity, but are in the end overcome with crushing disappointment when Green Lantern makes it clear that they’re not his type anyway.

  7. The Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Indigo and Violet Lanterns wish him nothing but a fabulous future!

  8. I can think of some young comic book fans in Greensburg, Indiana who are going to have a hard time with this.

  9. Man, this is some rough news for all you ladies out there who have been fawning over Ryan Gosling, huh?

  10. Does this mean he can’t get into heaven?

  11. Meanwhile, Superman and Batman continue to deny their true feelings for one another.

  12. Green Lantern is also fake.

  13. Ethan R. McDowell  |   Posted on Jun 1st, 2012 +5

    can’t wait to see him at fire island this summer!

  14. So he’s basically the Lance Bass of the Justice League. No Big Deal

  15. Green Lantern currently linked with Maritian Manhunter.

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