You probably just thought Money Maker Mike was a hype man and that was it. Well think AGAIN. He’s also a GENUINE FRIEND. The kind of genuine friend we all need and have in each other. Rest in peace, Tupac Shakur. Everybody misses you. (Thanks for the tip, Chris Trash.)

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  1. That’s one thing to do if your bestie is kidnapped. Or you could, I don’t know, call the police. Send Liam Neeson a tweet. I just mean to say that exploring other options may not be a bad call.

  2. Krispy Kreme is so prolific, he’s like the Lil B of rap.

  3. Happy Donut Day!

  4. “Guys, please stop calling me a dumb jerk in all your rap songs. I’m sorry I said Mike’s mom was a bitch. She is though. Seriously, I’m sorry, but cut it out.” – James

  5. “This be that track that everyone can smoke a marijuana cigarette to. But you shouldn’t, because it’s illegal.” -Krispy Kreme

  6. It’s a fact that most kidnappings occur during wrestling action figure play dates.

  7. “All I need is one Mike.” – Krispy Kreme

  8. Put up the HOT sign, ya’ll. Krispy Kreme is fresh.

  9. So Krispy Kreme drops a track called “Best Friends” on the day NBC is airing the last episodes of “Best Friends Forever”? COINCIDENCE? Yes. Still, go watch it #savebff

    Sidebar: I still need to know who did the theme song for BFF. Thanks.

  10. Classic mistake, James, bringing a gun to a fist fight.

  11. Hi Videogum!

    First time long time etc.!

    What was your favorite part of this video? Mine obviously was when “Best Friends” is on screen at the same time as the gun is on the back of Money Maker Mike’s head.

  12. If only Krispy had been around to have Tupac’s back. :(

  13. On a sincere note I think I love KK because I STILL have no idea if he is joking or serious.

  14. How do you think they was “making money before they could even crawl”? I mean, if they didn’t yet possess the motor skills to crawl, I’m having a hard time believing they would have had the mental capacity to formulate a business plan. It’s implausible. It calls the veracity of the entire song into question.

  15. Can we talk about the production value of the video? It looked pretty good. I mean, it wasn’t perfect, but it was impressive. To be honest–and I could be totally wrong here–the change in quality between “The Baddest” and this video makes me think that someone in The Industry (maybe just a low-level someone, but SOMEONE nonetheless) took an interest in making Kreme a YouTube sensation. I liked the video, and I like that Krispy K is being creative and having fun, but I feel like video one might have a corporate fingerprint on it. But that just means that maybe KK isn’t lying anymore about making money, which is great for him. Keep following your dreams, kid, and maybe someday you’ll end up like your hero Tupac!

  16. What an awesome way to start a Friday. Money Maker Mike cannot be stopped.

  17. I really hope those kids weren’t playing with a real gun

  18. Why does KK look so sad all the time? He’s a successful rapper named after a delicious doughnut. He’s living the dream.

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