Everything has always existed. #GETHAZED (Via UniqueDaily.)

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  1. Something something minstrel cycle.

  2. I don’t get why this is so weird, to be honest. Nutella is super-yummy. Why *wouldn’t* you cover your whole body with it, if you had enough of it lying around? Why *wouldn’t* you film yourself doing it?

    “Look at me, I am doing something delicious and enjoyable!” — you, if you were really being honest with yourself.

  3. I see Nutella didn’t have to pay much for their latest ad campaign.

  4. I can’t comprehend why someone would waste Nutella like this! It’s like black gold around our house.

  5. I started holding my breath at the end, like I was covered in Nutella. Am I supposed to understand what “no back” means? Like, there’s no going back once you cover yourself in Nutella! Or, don’t watch this if you think I’m going to cover myself in nutella and then run the film in reverse? Cuz I’m not.

  6. I’m Rick Santorum and I approve this message.

  7. This is definitely going on the new golden record we’re sending into space, right?

  8. Did anyone else get annoyed that she was so super-thorough in covering some parts, but missed other spots completely?

  9. All I can think about (aside from how generally disturbing this video is, particularly her emotionless/business-like expression during the whole thing), is that this is going to take FOREVER to clean up. And she’s might as well go ahead and just shave off her hair, because that’s never coming out. Also, why did she shovel 2 entire handfuls in her mouth? Damn you, internet.

  10. So I posted this as a link, but really, it deserves to be in the spotlight with a low-res screenshot:

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a transaction to complete.

  11. This seems like a good place to go on record as a shill and tell everyone: Go to Trader Joe’s and Buy This.

    Shit is awesome and I’m afraid they’ll discontinue it if not enough people pick it up at least once a month and eat it straight out of the jar with a spoon like I do.

  12. Nutella is too expensive to mess around with like this, GIRL. Next time you want to do your weird performance art/fetish vid/skin treatment, why don’t you find some cheaper materials?

  13. Ugh, now I can’t stop thinking about licking her. I’m gross.

  14. This reminded me a lot of Woodstock 99. Just needed some Bush in the background and a pee smell.

  15. ugh my three reactions were 1) have fun getting that out of your hair 2) isn’t nutella kind of expensive 3) get it away from your eyes . UGH

  16. LOL! Yo. If this was an underground German, Japanese, or Brazilian video that would have definitely been some other “brown” substance. ; )

  17. i imagine a lot of scat-play starts out like this. and that is not a clever joke on my part, i just imagine there’s a lot of face smearing and nightmare fuel.

  18. Is she coming on to me?

  19. Is this because she’s diabetic?

  20. Pretty sure this woman murdered Tasha Yar.

  21. It rubs the Nutella on its skin.

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