• The fifth piece of art in the Breaking Bad Art Project, found at BreakingGifs.com, was released and it is a “Gotta Call Saul” poster and you are looking at it right now. The new season is going to be here so soon! Ahh! -SlashFilm
  • Want to watch a clip from the upcoming Greta Gerwig movie Lola Versus? It looks like it might be ok! I’m going to see it, at least. Probably even in the theater! -Vulture
  • The people who make supercuts continue to confuse me and stress me out. Here is a supercut of every time a guest on Late Night gave a shout-out to The Roots. Is there some sort of computer program that this person used? Please don’t tell me they went through every episode! PLEASE DON’T TELL ME THAT! -Stereogum
  • Oh, good news! The Fraggle Rock movie has writers now! Gooood news. -THR
  • As we speak, there is an LA art gallery hosting a Community exhibit, because LA is the place where everything that no one wants goes to convince itself that everyone is looking at it. (I’m sorry if this is your or your child’s art!!!!) -BuzzFeed
  • Here is an adorable video of kids at a Cambodian school trying to say “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” -TheDailyWhat
  • The Huffington Post read the new Christian Bale biography, Christian Bale: The Inside Story of the Darkest Batman, and found out that Christian Bale was up for Leo’s role in both Titanic and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Ah, what could have been worse! -HuffingtonPost
  • And finally, if anyone wants to turn themselves green forever, this guy figured out a great way to do it! -FilmDrunk
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  1. Do they have a way for me to turn myself blue forever? It would really help in my understudy role.

  2. I was at the Meltdown’s Breaking Gifs show last night where they revealed the website for that Saul art. It was a fun show because, in lieu of regular stand-up, all the comedians (Rob Delaney, Marc Maron, Pete Holmes, etc) just told drug stories. Also, they had Los Pollos Hermanos chicken for anyone who was hungry, and handed out little blue & yellow “Remember Wayfarer 515″ ribbon pins.

    About the Breaking Bad art show stuff, I must say I’m not that enthused about it. When it was LOST it was crazy because it tapped right into all the crazy that the show generated. But with Breaking Bad it’s like, “Oh look. Breaking Bad prints.” Also, it’s hard ot get amped for a “final season” when it’s really the second to last of two HALF SEASONS YEAARGH FUCK AMC FUCK!!!

    Anywho. It was a fun show, and at the end of it all, Kumail Nanjiani and Jonah Ray for sure read out the url for the website with that ‘Better Call Saul’ artwork.

    The End.

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