Somehow this four-day week felt like a FOURTEEN-day week, didn’t it? My goodness. So many things happened during it. Peggy SPOILER ALERTED. Joan SPOILER ALERTED for a 5% share in the company. Blake Lively said Gossip Girl isn’t her best work, which is ridiculous. Glenn Danzig said he would’ve played Wolverine not-as-gay as Hugh Jackman did. And on and on and on and on. PHEW. We deserve a break. Well, first we deserve to relive everything that we’ve done this week in GIFs, and THEN we deserve a break. Let’s GIF to it.

Some people had some things to say about Men In Black 3!

Danzig said he would’ve played Wolverine “not as gay”!

Joan did a thing on Mad Men!

Dominic Monaghan said Matthew Fox beats women on Twitter!

Blake Lively said she doesn’t think Gossip Girl is her best work!

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  1. it’s not wednesday but WHO CARES WHEN THE GIF IS THIS BRIGHT?

  2. We didn’t watch Downton Abbey!

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