You really have to ignore the content of the song’s lyrics on this one because it will take a sharp and dangerous turn from the charming and cute to the uneasy and prosecutable. “Your honor, my client is–oh who am I kidding, lock him up.” Two adorable children talking about using their sexuality to ruin someone’s relationship? DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT! THEY HAVE EMPTY BUTTER CONTAINERS ON THE ONES AND TWOS! Very cute. Go to bed, Taran Killam. Call your bed, tell her that you have to sleep. (Via Videosift.)

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  1. I can’t think of one acceptable reason for a person to name their daughter Lennon.

  2. I saw this yesterday and it just made me cranky. I hate it when kids are more talented than I am. Boo! Give me your butter container percussion skills, you dumb kids!

  3. Ethan R. McDowell  |   Posted on May 31st, 2012 +10

    where are your furry tops? WHERE ARE YOUR FLORAL LEGGINGS?! STEP IT UP, AMETEURS.

  4. Is there a name for that voice that girls/women try to sing with to be indie? Feist invented it, maybe, or at least continued to use it? It’s like the Adam Sandler Baby-Voice of Music and I hate it…maybe a stereogummer can help me out here

  5. “Needs more percussion” – Paula Dean

  6. Those are some nice mics. Makes me think they could have afforded more high end percussion devices. But great job Lennon and Maisy! You have beautiful voices.

  7. Yes, it’s impressive for children to pull this off I suppose, but these ladies (called ‘Erato?’) already did a cover of “Call Your Girlfriend” using butter containers.

  8. Snark aside, if more young women and girls idolized Robyn over Katy Perry, Ke$ha et al., I’d be totally okay with that.

  9. aw man, i couldn’t stop listening to the lyrics! somebody call la policia!

  10. Tommy’s rendition was a lot better.

  11. Wow, the comments on YouTube:

    “I had the pleasure of seeing them sing this song at their school a couple of weeks ago ~
    The gymnasium was loud with people talking, kids running around up and down on bleachers, etc., The second they began…….SILENCE leveled the room.
    Their Mom had told me what they were going to be doing, but I really couldn’t wrap my head around it.
    I sat there with tears streaming down my face ~ so moved by that performance .
    Lennon & Maisy I love you more than words could ever describe”

    (“couldn’t wrap my head around it”???)

  12. at least its not “afternoon delight”

  13. Hey, reffering to all earlier comments, Lennon is a freakin’ awesome name! Uh, hello? John Lennon, practically the best guy that ever lived? And there’s nothing wrong with these lyrics!?
    And, well, I think that playing with butter containers is REALLY COOL. Inventive! Erato did it first and aced it, these girls did it just as good. Watching Erato do it, it really is something that should be acknowledged, they manage to perfectly get the tapping of the containers in sync. So awesome!
    I think these girls are amazing <3 Lennon's voice is stunning, and they beautiful music they make is just awesome! Despite what anyone says, I think Lennon and Maisy are really awesome, they're so much better than all that crappy pop music these days!! I love you guys! <3 <3

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