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  1. It always shocks me what an awful, awful writer that guy is.

  2. James Franco wrote an opinion piece for HuffingtonPost about Girls. There’s no way this won’t be the most insufferable piece I will ever read…alright, off to read it.

  3. I read that whole article for some reason. AND some of the comments. Whyyyyyyyyy?

    • Because you’re a glutton for punishment? The same reason I read all the comments on that site with the video of the little homophobic girl.

      • Also, we had a discussion earlier about the possibility that Dr. Doom isn’t such a bad guy, and Reed Richards may have been the bad guy all along. Your nerdish input was greatly missed.

        • I don’t know much about Doom or the Fantastic Four/Mr. Fantastic. They’re both men of science, but where Doom is a ruthless dictator, war monger and practitioner of gross hubris, Reed Richards is a family man who is selfless in his aspirations to benefit mankind through his discoveries, but does so at the cost of his interpersonal relationships.

          Doom is clearly the bad seed, and his legion of Doombots made in his image far outweigh the Fantastic Four’s numbers (who are actually called The Future Foundation now, and have more than four members, but still are nowhere near the number of Doombots that are in existence to oppress the citizens of Latveria).

          The X-Men also occasionally wear matching uniforms.

    • You’re a braver soul than I. I read the first paragraph and that was more than enough I can assure you.

  4. Ethan R. McDowell  |   Posted on May 30th, 2012 +8

    “I had to struggle for a day or two this one time…” -James Franco, writer/actor/professor/pretentious

  5. That leads me to my other connection with these young women just out of college: I’ve spent the last five or six years in classes with people like them.

    Ok, is it completely unreasonable for me to hate the entire piece based on this line? Because I do, so very very much.

  6. hmmm. I like James Franco like I like Gweneth. He seems to try alot of things and while he’s not a master of all, he seems genuinely interested and adventurous.

  7. “Actor and Author”

  8. I am going to go against the grain here and say: Franco is correct.

    There is nothing good about Girls. How Lena Dunham ended up with a show on HBO is a huge mystery, and why anyone would like it is an even bigger one. Hannah needs to get a job. FRANCO IS RIGHT. It is not that Hannah is “white” or what-have-you; it is that she is a spoiled self-serving little nothing who thinks she’s special and above getting her ass employed, and Lena also doesn’t seem to understand that she’s not.

    • I’ll bet you wouldn’t be saying that about a show called Entourage Dudes.

      • Well you know what I meant!

        • I am not really sure what you meant! Unless you are saying I didn’t hate Entourage which was about guys so I have a double standard? BUT: Entourage was legitimately trying to be a show about the world of movie stars and their unemployed hangers-on, and that it was (I guess; I only watched season 1). Whereas Girls claims it is a show about recent college grads lost in NYC, which I was one of in the 90s, and I can say hands down: NO! No one talks right, acts right, works right — nothing. The scene where the British chick inspires the other nannies to demand better wages? Barf. The way the girls dress to go to that fucking rave-thing? The way no one is ever drunk, EVER, when in real life the whole era of 20-24 centers on alcohol? The way Brian Williams’ daughter took a fucking cab to circle the neighborhood looking for Hannah because she’d left with her ex-boyfriend?? NO. NONE OF THAT EVER HAPPENED. Cabs cost too much and here’s what Hannah’s drunk friends say when she leaves the party: “She’s been a fucking idiot lately, that fucking idiot.” The end.

          (Although I did like when David Mamet’s daughter smoked crack and ran off. That seemed real, somehow, and was legitimately funny.)

          • No one will ever read this, but I 100 percent agree with what Hotspur just wrote.

            I was thinking about this last night and comparing it to the unrealistic way How To Make It In America was done — especially the Bushwick party scenes and how a show that was NYC’s version of Entourage at least showed people doing stuff and going through the motions of doing stuff and failing and trying again and again (albeit with no sense of shame or perspective)… but these slug people do NOTHING.

            Hell, half of the reason you’re drunk all the time in your 20s in NYC is because you need to relax from the hustle and to keep yourself from batting your head against the wall. These people just sit around IN THEIR APARTMENTS??? (hahahahahahahaha) with no drive, talking about how great they are or not great they are. NO ONE HAS THAT KIND OF ROOM, let alone slug people. Hell, even How I Met Your Mother takes place in a bar for most of it — why??? BECAUSE THE PEOPLE WHO WROTE THE SHOW LIVED IN NEW YORK AS PEOPLE THAT AGE AND KNOW THAT IS WHERE YOU MEET TO TALK ABOUT NOTHING.

            Lena Dunham is not even doing a decent job of interviewing the 8 people from her college who are probably living in the EXACT world she has created a TV show about. When I said that she needs to get a real job, I also meant to add that she needs to move out of wherever it is she came from and speak to people not in her immediate life circle and also maybe hire some other writers beyond those who punch up the scenes of a terribly unfunny and unrealistic show.

            Hell, hire James Franco. He’s a shitty writer, but at least he’s probably made friends with more than the four people who are her co-writers and co-actors and could give a perspective beyond the smug self-satisfied nightmare person from your horrible MFA program (which is what I think the crux of his unreadable essay was). Actually, no. Don’t hire him. Don’t put any more names near this show.

            UGH this show. UGH x infinity.

          • badideajeans is correct. Even the apartment where four of you live is only big enough for two of you. So one is sleeping on a futon, one on a loveseat, one on a mattress on the floor of a closet — and your window looks out on an airshaft. There is no shirtless sculptor or struggling musician living without a roommate. There is no kitchen table. Anywhere. I will repeat that: THERE IS NO TABLE. NOOOOOO TABLE.

            So you go to a bar. Oh — but first, every time, you spend 20+ minutes negotiating which bar, because generally your friends who are girls like one set of bars (clean bathrooms, vodka drinks) and your guy friends like a different set (beer priced as close to free as possible), and the mood and goals of the night will be very tied to which friend or compromise wins at Bar Choosing and how fragile or decisive their victory was.

            Sometimes — rarely, because it is expensive — people go to restaurants. Usually Indian, or that one with the cheap veggie burgers near NYU. Rarely.

            BADIDEA AND FRANCO ARE CORRECT. Run from Lena, America. RUN.

    • But I think that’s the point that Lena Dunham is kinda making? That Hannah kind of is a spoiled asshole who needs to grow up? But maybe she needs to do a better job of showing that she’s poking fun at these people, and not condoning them? At least that’s how I’ve justified it to myself, otherwise, this show would just be tooooooo bad.

  9. HuffPo must be in on the joke, or surely they would have allowed an editor to, at the very least, fix some of those wildly incompetent syntax issues, like “on the … counterpart to Girls, Entourage, which … .”

    And maybe James Franco really is the next great postmodern stylist if he can come up with this head-scratcher: “Lena’s character never has to write her book because the series is her book.” Uh, you just blew my mind, bro. Palo Alto 4EVAH.

  10. This opinion piece is as terrible as that goddamn show. That is was published by the Huffington Post is too perfect for words.

    Fuck this world, I’m going back to bed.

  11. (James Franco seems like a dork to me, at least, on the occasions when my ex-girlfriend tuned in while I happened to be around.)

  12. I haven’t had my full coffee yet you guys. I don’t know why i even read the conclusion, now i am crannnnnnnnnnky.

  13. By the way, I keep having to remind myself that it is not a requirement to have a political stance on the HBO original series Girls. I don’t remember Curb Your Enthusiasm ever necessitating such belabored pontification in the public forum. Do you like it or not like it? Great! Did you read the Times article about drone strikes yet?

  14. “Her name is always at the end, where it says “Created by.” ~James Franco, Captain Obvious.

  15. I’d like those last few moments of my life back. Good golly that was a painful read. That boy CANNOT write.

  16. I like Girls. I also like girls.

  17. “This is a pretty hot topic, and one I like to ask my female friends in New York about.” I love this sentence so much.

    “What did you think of Girls last night?”
    “So good.”

  18. lol @ this entire article. Dear god. Is he that good looking? Can no one tell this guy he can’t write worth a living shit? Like, wow it’s bad.

    Also, lol x 200 @ this line:

    “Going to high school in Palo Alto, I definitely saw cliques form along racial lines.” Good one James. That’s good stuff.

  19. I just saw this closing line. Ahhhh! Is he fucking serious?

    “They say living well is the best revenge, but sometimes writing well is even better.”

  20. You’d think at least one of you has seen “Freaks and Geeks.” James Franco only learned to read his senior year of high school. Obviously he has a lot of catching up to do grammatically. Give the guy a break!

  21. I think he has a point… well about the portrayal of men in the show. I know it’s entitled “Girls” but it seems that there are no strong male characters besides that vaguely offensive jewish caricature at the coffee shop and Adam with his weird wounded puppy/ snarling dog routine (which i’m not even sure anyone would actually date in real life, regardless of how much he masturbates in front of you because the level of emotional abuse he doles out). I like the show, but i find myself thinking something is off about it. Also, as a black man i do find it odd that they are in New York and i have yet to see a single black person.

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