David Lynch is running crazy game on these hotels! According to Animal he partnered with Hotel Lutetia in Paris to create a signature suite, which already, just, like, you know, the world we live in is weird? And life is a many funny things. But then also the room sounds very normal and reasonably priced:

The “David Lynch Signature Suite” will run you $1200.00 a night and looks unsettlingly…normal. Far from the disturbing accoutrements one might expect, the room is sleek, modern, and sophisticated, with muted browns and yellows that look intended to lull guests to sleep rather than disquiet them to the point where rest is impossible. On the walls are a number of paintings and drawings by Lynch himself, and the interiors aren’t bland.

Right. No, absolutely. Let’s all pool all of our money and stay in this boring ass hotel room for one night. This room sounds so stupid. I love it. It’s my favorite room. Who cares? Who cares about anything? We’re all going to die one day. There’s a hotel room in Paris that David Lynch hung a photograph in and it costs a million dollars to sleep on its stupid bed. Gotcha. High five. Will a drummer please trash this room already?

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  1. Sure, it seems normal.

  2. Spoiler Alert: The mattresses are SUPER lumpy.

  3. “…the interiors aren’t bland”

    They’ve painted such a vivid portrait, I feel as though I’ve been there already.

  4. Baby wants to check out!

  5. It’s a perfectly normal room until Killer Bob pops up behind one of the beds.

  6. They didn’t even mention the coffee and pie you get at the continental breakfast!

  7. I’d prefer to stay in the more reasonably priced* Jennifer Lynch suite.

    *Unless you’re Kim Basinger, in which case it costs $8 Million.

  8. Honest question: Is Twin Peaks on that television? I am getting a Dr. Jacoby vibe.

  9. The photo on this page and the photo on the link’s page are different…are either of the actual hotel room? Or are they both of the same hotel room but from different angles/states of mind? Or are they simultaneously the same room but I’m just seeing them differently in some Lynchian dreamstate? WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING I’M GOING INSANE ABOUT THESE TWO PHOTOS OF A HOTEL ROOM!!!!!!!

  10. It looks normal until you realize that you actually swapped hotel rooms after the car crash and this hotel room was just the hotel room of your idealized dream self and what you thought was your name wasn’t even your real name, you just took it from one of the paintings hung on the wall of the hotel room, and then on the last day of your stay at the hotel, you snap back to the depressing reality of your life and you start to think that maybe the whole vacation was just an invention of your subconscious to repress the memory of having your former lover murdered. OR WAS IT?

  11. I immediately got a Rabbits vibe from that image before I even read the write-up. I am not a fan of that hotel room. I’ll be trying to sleep when all of a sudden oh hey look at that flaming face in the air chastising me. Neat.

  12. I dunno, those mismatched florals are pretty unsettling.

  13. spending $1,200 a night to stay in this here hotel room represents a symbol of my individuality, and my belief in personal freedom.

  14. I misread that as the David Hyde Pierce hotel suite somehow. I feel the picture works either way

  15. I hope it has silent drape runners.

  16. Hello,

    The photo chosen for this article has nothing to do with the real Suite. You can find a special photo album about this “David Lynch Suite” on

    Roland K.

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