Kelly: Hey, Gabe
Gabe: kelly
Kelly: what
Gabe: no, i said it like
Kelly: Oh like formal Kelly
Gabe: yeah
Gabe: like how a gentleman
Gabe: greets another gentleman
Kelly: Sure, I’m sorry I didn’t get that. I remember we had that confusion once before
Kelly: And here I am
Kelly: Still not getting it
Kelly: Gabe.
Gabe: kelly.
Gabe: Mr. Kelluy.
Gabe: Mssr. Kelly
Gabe: top of the morning to you
Kelly: Ayo up and at’em
Kelly: Mrs. Gabe
Kelly: So I know you love Lost
Kelly: You have all the DVD box sets as if you’re ever going to watch them again
Gabe: correct
Kelly: “What do the numbers mean?!”
Gabe: wait, what?
Gabe: what numbers?

Kelly: I don’t know, I’ve actually never seen Lost
Gabe: i’ll be honest, i kind of checked my email a lot while i watched the show
Gabe: there were numbers?
Kelly: Aren’t there numbers?
Kelly: 9 01013 3434
Gabe: i don’t think there were numbers
Gabe: i don’t think that was an important part of the show
Kelly: My bad
Gabe: if i remember correctly
Gabe: the one guy
Gabe: was trying to get back into his wheelchair
Gabe: and the dog wanted a snack
Gabe: that’s my basic summary of lost
Gabe: freckle eyes
Kelly: Right
Kelly: And I think there was a basement
Kelly: But yeah you seem to know a lot more about it than I do
Gabe: as usual
Gabe: you hardly ever know anything
Gabe: it’s ridiculous
Kelly: Well sorry I don’t know how you missed that when you hired me
Kelly: Not my fault I don’t know anything
Gabe: well, to be fair
Gabe: you put on your resume
Gabe: that one of your special skills
Gabe: was “knowing stuff”
Gabe: it was false representation
Gabe: and i should sue you in a court of law
Gabe: your honor, she stinks!
Kelly: I certainly didn’t say “knowing a lot of stuff,” there are a lot of ways that could’ve been interpreted
Kelly: DAMN
Kelly: I thought I had it
Kelly: Anyway so is one of the things you know about Lost that MATTHEW FOX BEATS WOMEN???????

Gabe: oh, that’s from season 3
Gabe: widely accepted
Gabe: as the worst season of Lost
Kelly: huh
Gabe: because of how matthew fox beat a woman in every episode
Kelly: It’s weird that they went that way with that season
Gabe: it was just one of the loose ends
Gabe: they never bothered to tie up
Gabe: it’s like, what was the three toed statue, and why did jack STOP beating women?
Gabe: also what are you talking about?
Kelly: Well Dominic Monaghan still seems upset about it
Kelly: Because when someone asked him on Twitter if he could ask Matthew Fox to join Twitter
Kelly: Which is a great question btw
Kelly: he responded “he beats women. No thanks.”
Gabe: so far everything you’re telling me is perfect
Kelly: Right
Kelly: And then the first person responded
Kelly: I mean, I’m really just retyping the whole Twitter conversation
Kelly: But it’s worth it
Gabe: hahahhaha
Gabe: good point
Gabe: she makes a really good point
Kelly: I know
Gabe: what ABOUT all those good times they had together?

Gabe: get the boy on Twitter!
Kelly: It’s not like she doesn’t know it was wrong
Kelly: Like, she knows it was wrong
Gabe: right, but what about all those good times they had together?
Kelly: ????? That’s the question
Kelly: So Dominic responded:
Kelly: “how do you know we ever did?you don’t know either of us.he beats women.not isolated incidents.often.not interested.”
Gabe: i like that it keeps coming back to why dominic monaghan won’t ask matthew fox to join twitter
Kelly: hahah right
Gabe: like, ultimately, the point he’s making
Gabe: is that he’s not interested in anything matthew fox has to say on Twitter
Gabe: and he wants no part in being the reason Matthew Fox starts using Twitter
Gabe: that’s the real issue here
Gabe: but if you want to know WHY he doesn’t want Matthew Fox to join Twitter
Gabe: it’s because he beats women, that’s why
Kelly: He knows he would have to follow him out of courtesy
Kelly: And does not want to have to read the musings of Matthew Fox
Kelly: Because he beats women
Gabe: i like how deeply dominic just gets INTO it with this random person
Kelly: He’s probably been waiting for someone to ask him this question for a long time
Kelly: “I have the perfect response.”
Gabe: you can almost see his heart breaking
Gabe: like, when he got the first tweet
Gabe: asking him to get matthew fox to join twitter
Gabe: he seemed to think like
Gabe: i’m not going to do that (because he beats women)
Gabe: but you seem cool and you deserve a response
Gabe: and then when she keeps going it’s like the wool is being lifted from his eyes
Gabe: and he feels like he doesn’t even know her anymore
Gabe: and he just has to shut her down

Kelly: :( Such a private event in their lives, I almost feel bad about talking about it
Gabe: i’m not sure why dominic is so mad at this girl
Kelly: Maybe he gets a bunch of Twitter requests for Matthew Fox to join Twitter every day
Kelly: And this was just the last straw
Gabe: it’s funny because
Gabe: when those pictures went around last week
Gabe: of matthew fox on the set of his new movie
Gabe: as an MMA-fighter serial killer
Gabe: my first thought was
Kelly: hahaha
Kelly: Sure
Kelly: He seems clever?
Gabe: and i feel like dominic can say that he’s not interested in matthew fox’s twitter and that he is not going to ask matthew fox to join twitter
Gabe: but he’s totally forgetting all the great times they had together
Gabe: and it’s like BUT WHAT ABOUT THOSE?
Kelly: Honestly, like, for sure no one is questioning that what Matthew Fox did was wrong
Kelly: Whether he beat one or many women
Gabe: many.
Gabe: not interested.
Kelly: But there were a lot of good times!
Kelly: And it’s important to remember about all those good times, too.
Kelly: cc @realmatthewfox
Gabe: you’ve got to take the good with the bad in this world
Gabe: i think that’s the real takeaway here
Gabe: is that you have GOT to take the good with the bad in this world
Gabe: and always remember the good times you had together
Kelly: I think you’re right
Gabe: with the woman beater
Gabe: on the set of Snap Island
Kelly: You have to
Kelly: Or else no one would be on Twitter at all
Gabe: you don’t have to ask him to join twitter
Gabe: but you have to remember the good times you had together
Kelly: And then, if you could
Kelly: please ask him to join Twitter.
Gabe: and please RT.
Kelly: #FF
Gabe: FAV

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  2. This is exactly why I didn’t encourage Chris Brown to join Google+.

  3. This whole situation really just makes me want to WAAAAAAAAAAALT!

  4. “Nickleback RTs” – @realmatthewfox

  5. This week, I do not care WHAT Kelly is having for dinner. She beats women. No thanks.

  6. I can’t believe Vincent would hang out with that asshole as he dies alone.

    • Dogs are attention whores like cats are warmth whores. They don’t discriminate if they’re getting a fix.

    • In my version of Lost, Vincent came home with me and became my dog.

      • Actually, I bet Vincent was reunited with Walt. I just realized that! Awwwwwwwww!

        • That *is* what Hurley would do with his power. Good call. Love that Hurley.

          • If you saw the 12-minute short “New Man In Charge” on the season 6 dvds which was a little epilogue that followed Ben around as Hurley’s #2 as he cleared up some minor mysteries from the show, and… **SPOILERS SPOILERS (BUT ONLY IF YOU DIDN’T WATCH THE SHOW EVER) SPOILERS** …the final scene shows Walt in Hruley’s old mental hospital and Ben gets him to come with him to his DHARMA van waiting outside with Hurley in it and then it’s implied they’re all going to the Island and they need Walt’s help to fix the trapped souls/spirits/whatevers problem, Michael’s soul/spirit/whatever being one of them.

            By that line of logic, Vincent would still be on the Island and Walt would reunite with him. Awww!

          • Actually, there’s a link to the VGum article about “The New Man In Charge” in the ‘You Might Also Like’ section at the end of this very blog post. I could’ve saved myself some time if I’d noticed that beforehand.

            It’s been a long day.

      • I will greenlight this production.

      • “hey, i just came from this island. you wouldn’t believe if I told you. There’s just a dead guy there now, but whatever, he beats women.”

  7. This is the first I’d heard of that Jack Attack on the female bus driver’s groin and rack.

  8. I don’t know how reliable a herion addict’s word is.


  10. I like how Matthew Fox is now forever connected with Nickelback in our minds…a deserved punishment for any women beater.

  11. Public condemnation of a co-worker for serious crimes seems like a pretty big deal, but I’m guessing this drama will play out in an unsatisfying way in around a year.

    (On a side note, this is very gutsy, and I understand why Charlie would want to make a public statement about Jack’s woman beating if he saw confirmation of it with his own eyes. I also understand why he would do this in a weird Twitter conversation rather than in some more traditional forum.)

    (Also, I stopped watching LOST after season 3 ended with “WHO’S IN THE COFFIN?” and then season 4 ended with “LOCKE’S IN THE COFFIN.” I barely care who’s in the coffin, but you’re taking a year to tell me? No thanks.)

  12. Wow. I can’t think of a single reason why he would make that up. Thank goodness Matthew Fox wasn’t my role model!

    Now, if I hear one bad thing about Henry Ian Cusick…

  13. He always cries before he gets violent though, so it’s not like it comes without warning.

  14. Well this is timely:

    Party-bus driver drops assault case against Matthew Fox

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