CUTE! “Make it work, couples!” Get it? Tim Gunn. Because fashion. I’m so glad that innocent people aren’t being slaughtered in Syria and that Europe has finally escaped the potentially world-devastating Euro crisis with Greece so that we can have more fun stories like this on the NEWS. Mel and Joey are 2 cute 2 be worried about that bizness. LET’S PUT ON THE PURPLE ONE WITH THE CALA LILIES TODAY! (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. You know who else dressed the same? The Nazis. You know who DIDN’T dress the same? The Avengers. I think we can all tell which side Mel and Joey are on.

  2. I see your point, but its not like there isn’t fluff in pretty much every news outlet. At least we have something nice to think about right before the world collapses and we are forced into the Thunderdome.

    • I hope the nice thought you’re referring to is “at least that old couple that dresses alike is going down with the rest of us.” Because I really hate those old farts.

  3. Thanks, Schwankes. Thwankes.

  4. I think it’s really awesome when people can still be in love this much after so many years. THAT ACTUALLY IS NEWS! 64 YEARS OF MARRIAGE??! GREAT JOB, MEL & JOEY!!!

    • NO! Why are you people all encouraging this behavior?! It is not normal for a couple to dress in matching outfits! That is not a thing that rational people should be doing! These two should not be allowed to stay together! 64 years of POOR DECISIONS!

  5. These ‘adorable’ old people probably hate gays! They’re from Nebraska and dress like that rotten hat lady.

  6. Frankly, Mr. Schwanke, that tie’s a sickening wreck
    You’ve got the twenty-first century barfing down your neck…

    Fame, fame, fatal fame
    It can play hideous tricks on the brain, and the closet, also, too.

  7. You just know that everyone at their church/bingo hall/VFW post/hair salon rolls their eyes when they walk in the door. I’m sure all the other old ladies talk about Mel behind her back, “Oh look, here comes Mrs. Matchy Matchy. Does she think she’s better than us because she dresses her husband up like a little doll? Puh-lease, I heard her grandson barely got accepted to the State University, not like my Billy who got into every school he applied to and got all kinds of scholarships to boot! Oh HI, MEL, so nice to see you!”

  8. while the Schwanknes credit it with success, Estelle Kowalski only feels its to blame for ruining her relationship with her daughter.

  9. Not to be nice or anything, but I would find them more cut if they had any sense of style…

  10. It goes without saying that the carpet matches the drapes. In fact, everything matches.

  11. schwankee? more like sch-wagger! – I’m not proud of that at all. sorry.

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