Poor 16-year-old Madeleine McAulay has been banned from YouTube for violating their user guidelines after posting yet another thoughtful and interesting video about her belief that gay people shouldn’t be allowed to marry. It is just another instance of the LAMESTREAM media trying to shut down powerful, hate-filled, adolescent, conservative voices. Thankfully, the Western Center for Journalism, whose tagline reads “Informing and Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom” has rescued the video and reposted it to the Internet because the one thing this hot button issue of basic equality and human dignity needs it is yet another vlog by a 16-year-old. How does anyone expect us to get anywhere in the national debate if we’re shutting down the 16-year-old’s vlogs? First they came for Madeline McAulay’s vlog and Arianna Huffington said nothing. I’m pretty sure you know how the rest of that poem goes, but let me just remind you that it ends with all of us being gay married in HELL. Let’s get the word out there, guys. Help spread this vlog around. Church.

I know that arguing with a 16-year-old’s homophobic vlog is like shooting a 16-year-old’s homophobic vlog in a barrel, so let me just say that I’m confused about why there’s a photograph of deodorant on the wall behind her, but everything else about this video makes sense and is perfect. Just the deodorant! That’s the only thing! (Thanks for the tip, Facetaco.)

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  1. The deodorant is there because, much like these colors, her sweat doesn’t run!

  2. The constant eye-rolling does lend the argument a certain amount of credibility.

  3. I had to click on this video twice in order to get it to load and sat through two airings of a Harley Davidson ad in order to watch a 16-year-old lecture me about gay marriage for three minutes. My point is that I now feel it would be hypocritical to call her an idiot.

  4. “The president is stupid for listening to children about politics” – a child begging you to listen to her about politics

  5. Before yesterday, I would have told this kid to shut up and listen to some Misfits.

  6. There are lots of cool comments on her video at The Western Center for Journalism’s website, but this one sums most of them up.

    ‘Seems like you have a great idea! lately You tube has been banning a lot of religious things and loading You tube up with Homosexual and Muslim crap! A boycott of everything with any connection to You Tube would be a good idea! Is Zukerberg a Homosexual or Muslim connected Name? I’m begining to wonder!”

    Cool, cool.

  7. HEY GUYS! Click on the link to the page this is on, scroll down through the comments, (I would suggest you try not to read any of them), and check out the “trackbacks” section. Gabe, you’re famous!

  8. I don’t hate gay people, I just believe they’re going to burn in hell for all eternity.

  9. I started to watch this but then realized, about six seconds in, that it is probably ok to give this a pass. I don’t need to listen to a child rant on about how the GLBT community is destroying Amercia and are godless heathens who want to, I don’t know, destroy capitalism with our fiendish desire for equal rights under the law. I feel bad for her. Hopefully she’ll gain maturity and experience and realize that different is not inherently evil. By god, if we, as a community, can accept a man with a taco for a face, I believe that this kid can outgrow her current ignorance.

    If she still says this crap when she’s 20, though, someone’s going to anonymously call her a jerk (Me. I will do that. It will be me)

  10. Can anyone see what the deodorant brand is? It REALLY looks like it’s called “anal” something, but that can’t be right.

  11. I don’t really understand how this could have been banned from youtube. It’s not offensive, just facile and easily refuted on every point.

  12. she has a point. homosexuals are known to be fatalities and homiciders.

  13. I bet her parents have a bumper sticker that reads “Proud parents of an ignorant teenager” and Madeleine has one that says “I learned it by watching you!”

  14. ‘Hate Speech: Sponsored By CitBank”

    (At least that’s the 15-second sponsor that played when I clicked on it.)

  15. Oh, poor North Carolina, we thought you sucked and didn’t want to move there looooooong before you voted for that amendment.

    • Their tradition of being on the wrong side of history goes back to 1861.

      • Sorry, this was a facile crack and I’d like to take it back because when that girl reads this thread, it’s only going to reinforce her whole paranoid belief that every “liberal” thinks she is full of hate and “the media” is against her. And I don’t hate her, nor do I think she is maliciously against gay people. I just think she’s got noooo life experience. Because her position is basically, “I know how I want to live my life, so there should be a law requiring every other American to live their life the exact same way.” And that’s a position that’s hard to maintain once you’ve wandered the world a little, visited other states, lived in real cities, and become friends with people very different from you.

        And this, for the record, was what the President was saying when he mentioned his daughters, you nitwit: He wasn’t asking them for advice, he was telling us that they don’t see a difference between straight and gay people, and in the face of that fact, the idea melted away that he should outline for them some difference necessitating different rights. Seriously, pinhead-girl, grow up, get out there, and find out: when you have a friend, a real friend, who’s gay, you’re going to lose your ability to maintain your current ignorant idea that they are betraying the Founding Fathers or whatever.

        Well, either that, or, uh, you really are an asshole.

  16. Isn’t it the institution of marriage that’s fucked up? Worth protectiing? I mean, you KNOW this girl is going to grow up and have a couple/few marriages of her own. If marriage is a “covenant with God,” what’s the SECOND marraige, and the third?

  17. I thought this immediately upon watching this video but didn’t want to clutter the comments with what otherwise would be a useless opinion that references something laughably tangential that isn’t even a good comparison. Nevertheless:

    This girl’s voice reminds me of the Maharaja from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

  18. So, I thought this was just going to be a huge gay bashin’ fest video, but it’s just a girl stating her beliefs. I don’t agree with them, but she never gets hateful about it. I don’t see the need to RISE UP IN VIDEOGUM MIGHT to tear her down.

    • The harm and often violence that these ideas, no matter how clothed in calm they may seem, beget demands that we don’t simply let such people state opinions without saying anything to the contrary. No one is telling her that she can’t believe what she wants, but I will tell her that she is wrong, she is hateful and she is responsible for the results of these beliefs she espouses.

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    • I think this is a fair point to bring up, because bashing a child who is depressingly proud of quoting the talking points her parents espouse is pretty icky. I wouldn’t even categorize this as her beliefs, because I don’t think she’s thought deeply enough about it for them to count.

      I would say though, that there is a big argument right now that ‘non-hateful’ expression of ‘opinions’ needs to be held accountable for the same power it holds in crushing down a population of people. If someone calmly and rationally explains how they’re racist, it still counts no matter the delivery.

      For me, I’m not as much horrified by a teenager who is obviously devoted to the examples set around her because she hasn’t gotten that far into individual personality development. Most likely, she will stick with what she knows and become a grown-up asshole, but she’s really little more than a parrot here.

      What ruins my day are the people that will hoist her up about it. Not only is it exploitive (not to say this post also isn’t exploitive), but I think the former does more damage. The comments under the video praise her for agreeing with their desire to round up and banish aids victims. Is what she said great? No, I disagree with her and I think the tenements of basic humanitarian viewpoints contradict her. But that is some awful shit to be associated with, and she’s not the one making those connections.

      Gabe pointed out that what she’s saying is nonsense and thus laughable, and that has the potential of getting her to consider her own position, even if it’s just to seek a way to defend herself. She’s already put herself out there, been taken advantage of by straight up monsters; someone pointing out the ludicrous of it all isn’t the worst thing to do.

      It’s just sad all around.

      • I don’t think I was long-winded enough up there, so I just wanted to clarify that when I called Gabe’s post exploitive, I meant not this individual case which feels more touchy to people because politics and religion oh my, but the nature of the entire internet as a whole to look at dumb kid videos and laugh. I’m in on it like everybody else, but thinking too hard about the morality of the whole thing makes my head hurt.

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    • lastly, I don’t really see anything tearing her down. most of the comments seem related to deodorant or something like: “I feel sad for this poor, misled girl. Her parents must be monsters [non-VG-type]“

  19. I’ve had the “homosexual marriage will lead to legal bestiality” argument thrown in my face twice in my life so I think I’ll skip the video and just take your word that she is a racist little shit.

    • I skipped it too, but WHAT IS UP with that stupid argument. “Two consenting adults who love each other want to enter into a lifelong contract? What’s next, sex with your pets?” No, that is not what’s next. Gay marriage is obviously very different from that.

      The only legitimate “what’s next” is actually polygamy, which raises lots of technical questions but isn’t obviously an abuse of a party that cannot give consent. (Though maybe, sometimes, it still is, this is one of the problems that would need to be solved.)

      • It probably comes as a surprise to people who just want to have sex with their pets that now they have to wait until gay marriage is legal to do it.

        • Oh sure, but once we have gay marriage people will be able to force you to actually recognize their pets as spouses. This is the problem. “You have to let this dog in your restaurant, he’s my husband! You can’t discriminate against people like us any more!”

  20. “i want to live my life according to god’s holy scriptures, and i want america to, also.”

    and in america, we totally have the FREEDOM to force everyone to live their life according to one set of values & principles!

  21. I’m completely distracted by the picture of the Speed Stick holding the American flag

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